David Minc aka David Meachel ExxonMobil Oil Rig Contractor

by Biggles777


This is part 2 of the David Meachel oil rig romance scam. In part one linked below is the background and me tripping them up on fake oil contract, Italian ID card, two names and not knowing what WTI is.


Now to the scam and they improve considerably starting to try and trip me and my alias up. They became so good there were times I was left questioning if I was talking to a real oil rig worker.

Two weeks later;

Me: Hello how are you going I've not seen you here I hope you are well

Him: Am fine ,just that I keep sending you text but you are not responding

That is my error. On WhatsApp I was fighting Travis Oscar and sent these people a message for Travis saying "We are done". They send a different picture again holding a love sign and I debate when texts on Hangouts are sent and only understand my error then. We pretty much start again. I'm being told all about his background and Tammy but her age changes;

Him: She will be 15 June 25

Me: That isn't too far away

Edit: We continue and the spelling improves. Photos again, he says he is on a houseboat with a gym. The picture is attached and that must be a big houseboat. I'm now his "princess" and YouTube songs are common.

Soon we're talking a lot of different things and we turn to oil. Whoever it is, English is a vast improvement and they start talking about supply and demand. Someone is trying to trip my alias up like I did them with WTI. I start talking shale production and they call it a day.

Him: Honey My work is taskful, demanding and have made me traveled a lot ....I just keep working no time to settle dawn .....but I have made up my mind to settle dawn after this contract

Edit: On we go for weeks and the love is very strong. They are very good at this and a woman can easily fall for these people. At times I am left wondering if it is a scam. I'm going to join him in Italy. That is unusual as they are usually coming to you. I'm now his "queen" and they are very good with PhotoShop and again I am questioned about my story. I pass and start baiting again. Talk turns to his retirement and the texts become extremely long and loving.

These people talk and I face some difficult questions after another scammer and these ones spoke to each other. In short they exchange information on who they scam and my alias is known to both of them. Oops

To the scam and it is done very well. Pictures of an injured hand with a lot of stitches are sent and work becomes a focal point. We also talk a lot about Italy. His music changes to Italian music. Questions are asked, I repeat myself and they're sounding out my assets;

They send a video of what appears to be a ship in bad weather; it is not an oil rig. His hand is injured and he sends a picture of fingers and palm stitched up. As I've learned they do this over several days and play on your emotions to offer assistance

Him: Honey yea the site nurse has giving me some medication

Him: Honey just that I lost most of my containers... I pray the board of directors understand


Him: Honey nothing can be done for now just waiting for the board of directors


Him: Honey I strongly believe they will understand after showing them the short video recorded by the safety officer

Him: Honey I almost die

Him: Honey am not even worry about the container because my life can not be replace but
the container can be replace

Me: Yes that is so true and I thank God you're safe I don't want to lose you

Him: Honey the God I serve will never fail me That has been very consistent


Him: Honey the board of directors did not take it easy with me at all

Me: Oh no. What will you have to do babe?

Him: Honey they asked me to replace them ,they do not even want to here me out

Him: Honey the board of directors are so mean

Me: That is terrible babe. Is there anything you can do?

Him: Honey since the incident it has not been easy with me becuse I lost my wallet in the process trying save my containers

Me: Yes you did say that babe. So what is there you can do?

Him: Honey I have contacted bank in Milan but they keep saying there is nothing they can do unless i passes true some paperwork I can't access my money with no valid reason

Me: Hmm okay well can I help in any way babe? I offer they've played me emotionally

Him: Honey I don't know your finicial position right now ...honey I will be glad if you can borrow me ..once I get to Milan I fixed my bank issue ...I will pay back

Me: Edit to cover alias: Besides, we're a couple. Do we not help each other?

Him: Honey yeah you are right ..I will always stand by you too no matter what

Him: Honey you are part of me ...and I really appreciate if you can pull out this shame from me

Me: No worries babe we're together in life but I need to know how to help you

Him: Honey the conterner will cost just 45000$

Him: Honey I don't know why all this are happening to me right now

Edit: Their spelling has gone again

Me: Well things just happen babe

Me: $45,000 USD?

Him: Yes honey

Me: Okay I've no problem with that babe, you're my man

Him: Honey I wanted to put more pressure on the boys so I can go home and see my Tammy

Him: Honey I can't wait to hold your hand


Him: Honey just the container... replacement is my problem right now

Me: Okay babe

Him: Honey should I forward the details of the supplier to you ?

Me: Yes is it your bank in Italy?

Him: Honey he is in Mexico


Bank: Afirme
Account number: 18912****
Card number: 4320 4901 0086 ****
Clabe: 06247000189122****
First name: Ro*****
Last name: Rodr***** Zar*****
Swift code: AFIRM***
Bank Address: Torre Afirme, Av. Hidalgo 234 Pte. Zip Code: 64000, Monterrey, Mexico.
Beneficiary address: Ma**** Mar***** B*** ***, Col. Camelinas, Zip Code: 58290, Morelia, Michoacan.

Him: Honey should I inform him that he will be receiving the prove of payment soon ?

Me: What do you mean prove babe?

Him: Honey I mean receipt

Him: Honey that is how I usually send to him any time we do transaction

Me: Oh so a printout or a screenshot, right? No worries babe

Him: Honey screen shot will be better

End of a well done scam over time. If you meet these people they are organised and who you speak with changes. Like I started by pushing and probing they were doing that with me. But again they made mistakes and all the red flags for an oil rig romance scam are in place. For an Italian we've agreed payment and turned back to love. How could an Italian get this one so wrong?

Me: When we're together, will you take me to Sienna, just us and not the girls?

Him: Wow honey seeing movie with you will be a great pleasure

Oh come on man! You're an Italian and don't know the City of Sienna?

Email in use


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Jun 30, 2021
by: Heather

Omg I just got scammed for 10,000 which is all the money I had. I am so stupid and I dont know if I could ever recover this.

Oct 05, 2020
They're Still At It
by: Biggles777


I'm pleased you found this site and pages. Our stories are very similar and I hope this helped.

If I see just one reply like yours I know what I do is worth the effort.

Stay safe and thank you for the new names as I only knew of two.

Oct 04, 2020
Thank you for confirming my suspicions
by: Anonymous

Great job!!! He worked on me for a long time and each time I accused he was a scammer he came back. He sent pictures of Tammy with a cake that had like 10 candles and she looks 8-10and said the candles fell off the cake, except Tammy’s birthday was August 12. The pictures of the hand with stitches. I didn’t fall for the container story so last one a few days ago that Tammy is in a car accident and they will let her die if they don’t have $4500.

I copied and pasted an article talking about that Italy has No cost National insurance coverage for all residence. Very funny cause I really felt I was talking to more than 1 person at times. Then recently I had the sneaking suspicion I was talking to 3 men and they are all the same. Since I called David Minc on this crap all 3 guys disappeared

David Minc
Michael Owen
Paul Lambert
Harry Adao Scott

Thank you for your ‘research’

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