David Minc aka David Meachel ExxonMobil Oil Rig Contractor

by Biggles777

A Fake Oil Supply Contract

A Fake Oil Supply Contract


David M is MIN on Words With Friends. You play, move to Hangouts and start talking the usual script with someone Nigerian. Unlike others they have their story together and only a few weeks later do you learn more about them. David Minc is also David Meachel from Milan Italy with a daughter 12 turning 13 soon called Tammy. He works in Houston and is 60 years old, born on 1/1/1960. He is an only child, says his parents lived good lives and passed away late in life. Father was in Italian military and mother a business woman. Both had "accomplished" lives. His wife died in childbirth. He is a man of God and frequently quotes the bible. About his work in his words;

Him: I am International crude Oil and petroleum dealer, I specialize in commercial and private purchases. you can see that i am a very ambitious person lol.

Him: My work is taskful, demanding and have made me traveled all over USA, Mexico, Japan, the UK, Germany, and most frequently to scotland uk.

Edit: Note the poor spelling. As I said someone young and Nigerian but they have a story better than most. We met March 1 and this scam lasted until the end of May. It has everything but along the way someone took notice and who I am speaking with changes. We talk then this;

Me: Ooh that sounds nice

Him: Alaye African slang

On we go and the talk is different. Whoever this is there's no rush to love. They send pictures of Indonesian food saying they enjoy it and workers from that country make it. It doesn't feel like a scam even though it will turn into one. Work and life are discussed, they always mention God. My kid is now his "little angel" then he switches back to his work and education;

Him: My work has really make has really taking my time I don't even have time to go out and hangout

Him: From one contract to another I have work for 25 years and it is time for me to settle dawn with my family and leave happily

Me: Hmm work does take time. So can you tell me what contract you are on now?

Him: Dear my education and job I Bagged some couple of degrees such as B.S.C and my Masters in Petroleum/Marine Engineering from Cambridge University in England, and I have worked with Sea Lion Marine services in Germany.I am also an International crude Oil and petroleum dealer, I specialize in commercial and private purchases.

Me: That sounds interesting

Him: Presently,i am working on a Contract ,project Deal with Exxon Mobil Oil and Gas Coperation in the Pacific Ocean,Offshore in the Oil Rig as a Rig supervisor/Project manager.My work is taskful, demanding and have made me traveled all over USA, Mexico, Japan, the UK, Germany, and most frequently to scotland uk.

Me: Ooh okay you say Pacific Ocean. May I ask where?

Him: My Company has a branch here in Phoenix, Arizona. Since the Oil Pipe's cross via phoenix. We are meant to take care of the pipes and carry out test on each crude oil that runs in different pipes.Here in Phoenix, we have the branch station that control all the flow of gas to different gas companies. Sometimes I get deity when I have allot of job to do.

Me: Ooh okay well you do have a very interesting background

They have a story and are now very well educated too. We have been talking about 2 weeks then;

Him: I am writing to you from Bergamo, Italy, at the heart of the coronavirus crisis.

Edit: It was a very long message with a cut and paste of government warnings. He's moved across ocean's in a day at a time of travel restrictions. Next we move to religion and my alias story is one of none. They push and I say your right to believe or not and we settle at that after it turns to how much you're his kind of woman and have turned his world upside down. WhatsApp numbers are exchanged;

Him: That why I said will should communicate via whsap

Me: Oh

Him: +1469252660 here is my WhatsApp number

Edit: They're not worried when I drop off for 2 days but they're making more of an effort and loving emoji and texts are sent. The pandemic is spoken of as is the work of my alias. Then "let's be together" from him;

Him: Honey I gave work for over 20 years now

Him: I really wish to settle dawn

Him: I will like to go into this business with you after of work

Edit and we talk "business" then the classic oil rig
romance scam move from them;

Him: Okay I will be done with my project by then

Him: This is my last project

Him: I have work and work , I don't have time to stay with my family

Edit: We continue and I am baiting with my alias. I'm also interested in their knowledge;

Me: Ooh okay I'll leave you be.I see WTI is at $22

Him: Honey I don't get you

Me: Don't worry have a sleep we can text tomorrow

Edit as we end the day. A Cambridge educated petroleum dealer doesn't know what West Texas Intermediate is? I'm not letting that one pass. Next day and we bicker over WhatsApp then;

Me: If I recall correctly you are a crude oil and petroleum dealer?

Him: Yea you are correct

Me: How could an oil dealer not know what WTI is?

Him: Why do you say that

Him: Its just West Texas Intermediate Someone is taking note

Me: I mentioned it yesterday and you didn't know what it was or its price

Him: I never know you will have ideas about that

Him: I thought you where talking about something else yesterday and am really feeling sleeping

Edit and you can see where I have taken it and we continue. The price is talked about and their excuse is "I was really sleepy". They then sent an oil contract on Barclay Chambers letterhead in the name of David Meachel for 10.5 million GBP of crude oil with KCA DEUTAG Petroleum. A real company, not ExxonMobil, but oil dealers do trade with different counterparties. The letterhead is known as a scam and you can download the attached and see it's used for iPhone and other scams.

The next day and I've irritated them and apparently ignored WhatsApp;

Him: Why are you making me stupid because I love you ?

Him: You give me number that you are not even existing

Him: That is very wrong

Him: Stop acting like little God because some love from his heart

Me: Oh do shut up man. I gave you my number and just sent you a text. You give me different names, don't know what WTI is and send me something from London in a different name

Him: What are you talking about

Him: Are you still on this

Him: Why should I lie to you....what is my gain if I should lie to you

Him: I guess I just have to let you be

Him: Love is a thing of the heart

Edit as he goes on in a flap

Me: Well if you knew what you did for a living, didn't change your name and actually sent me a real contract I might believe you

Him: You are really upsetting me but I forgive you because of the love I have for you

Edit: An Italian identity card is sent. It's attached, download and zoom in. It's a computer graphic and you can see right through it Look where it's over the snack pack, you can see the corner of the snack pack through the card.

Him: I just want you to confirm my name on my I'd card

Edit: Insert picture of man holding a love sign

Him: I did all this because of the love I have for you

Him: I truly love you so much from my heart

Him: There was once an Italian man who once love you from his Herat ..

Edit: The picture of the man holding the sign is a PhotoShop of a Mark Wahlburg image even the actor warns about being used for scams on his social media accounts. We talk love with me questioning how it's possible on an IM in a couple of weeks. Then another classic oil rig scam move;

Him: If you tell me to come over and see first after my contract I will do so ...please my lady o don't mean to bugged you

Me: No one is meeting anyone the borders are closed

Edit as I drop off again then return;

Me: I am not angry. Just cautious.

Him: I understand

Him: But the fact still remain that I can never hurt you

Me: I doubt that

Him: Why do you doubt me ?

Me: Look at your ID card

Him: Why should I look at my ID Card

Me: It is a fake

Him: If you think it’s fake no problem thanks

Edit: We part ways for a few more days. I've questioned them on the following;

1: The price of oil and next day they corrected
2: Told them the contract with KCA DEUTAG is fishy
3: Straight out told them the ID card is a fake

Someone is taking notice of my recalcitrance against their script

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