David John United Nations Doctor Somalia

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


David John is another from Scrabble GO. He says he is from Austin, Texas. 56 turning 57 on July 27. He is an orthopedic surgeon with the UN performing emergency work in Somalia. He has a 14 year old daughter called Alandre. The real girl is called Audrey and one of her images appears elsewhere on this site. She is cared for by a nanny in Texas. He has been single for 9 years.

He declares love as soon as he can and that he is on his last contract and wants you to be the mother of his daughter and wife to be. Well, he is an amatuer and like all kids he expects picture after picture of you. He asked so I responded;

Him: Please send me a recent picture of you

Me: How is your daughter Alandre?

Him: She is fine thank you

Me: Okay

Him: You are so caring and lovely (He won't say that again)

Me: So why is her name Audrey on the file you downloaded and sent me?

Him: Insert picture of him

Me: That doesn't answer my question

Him: File dear?

Him: What file did I download and sent to you

Him: My daughter name is alandre

Edit: He enters the denial phase. Now it's all my fault.

Me: The young lady whose picture you sent me is called Audrey. Her last name is not John. You stole a picture and sent it to me

Him: No

Him: What insolent

Him: Why will I steal a picture of my own daughter

Him: And were do you got all this from?

Me: Don't you dare throw it back on me sir. I got it from the picture you sent. You steal identities and claim to be someone you are not.

Me: That is criminal

Him: Ooh my God

Him: What the tell are you talking about

Him: What picture

Him: Please send me the pictures you are talking about

Him: And explain more better

Me: The picture of a young woman called Audrey.

Me: You sent it, you have it, you figure it out.

Him: No never

Him: I have only the pictures of me and my daughter

Him: Maybe you have been talking to lot of men

Him: That why you mistaking me for one of those ***** you hang out with

Him: Or are you drunk?

Me: That's right. Blame me you spineless man. What a poor excuse you are.

Him: F***.

Him: What did I do to you

Me: Sent me a picture of a young lady who is not your daughter

Him: S***

Insert 4 pictures of the innocent girl

Him: This my daughter alandre you swarn

Him: And don't dare insult me or ever call me a loser

Him: Because I never lose

Him: What your support to the nation

Me: You're losing this one sport

Me: The third picture. She has yet another name

Him: You Insult a man like me who left his home to serve the nation

Me: I state facts, that is not insulting someone

Me: What nation would that be? You're no more a serviceman than I

Me: Another different name

Me: So don't you insult my intelligence

Him: That my daughter dear

Him: And I don't lose because I have God and who have God don't fear.

Me: Your day of retribution will come when you stand before your God. No, it is not your daughter

Away he went. I'll post in the oil rig thread how I found the name but as they read here I won't give all details. Email in use davjon850@gmail.com

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