David Hunter. Plenty of Fish

He didn't get so far as to ask for money yet. I was researching pipeline engineers so I could know a little more about what he does when I came upon this site. And wow. This is him to a T.

His story is he is a pipeline engineer on a rig outside Bahrain. He's a widow. No living family here. He's from Romania.

Met him on plenty of fish. He almost immediately asked to email outside of the website. Then yesterday if not the day before, asked to move to yahoo messenger. A whole lot of sweet talk about how I've made him smile. But I had some red flags go up early on about him.

His grammar was not good at all. Said he writes his email in Romanian and translated them. There were some inconsistencies in his story. Then, I kinda got the feeling I was talking to more than one person. It felt odd. I'm so glad I saw you all' posts on here, who knows how long this woulda gone on and I can't take my heart being crushed right now.

So thank you!

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