David Bernard

by Anonymous

I believe the person in the picture unfortunately have been catfished. The alleged David Bernard has been targeting my heart and trust since Day 1. Deep down I know his story has been off, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, because that's what you do when you are connected with someone and wanted to give love a chance.

I have been financially cheated because it was almost 4 weeks later, when he asked me for help over and over again, and he was literally crying on the phone as his mother was dying and needed surgery.

I have tried to move on every single day, but I know I am not a victim, but a survivor. This lesson has taught me to be wiser, this does not damage me as a person. I am sad because I am such a frugal person and I nickel and dime on everything and just trying to take care of everyone I love, meanwhile I lost financially because of being so trusting and put love first.

I am 34 and he claimed that he's 42, widowed for 4 years, wife died in childbirth while giving second child, have a 8 years daughter (Caris) in UK boarding school, used to live in Canada. Civil engineer used to work for URS but left to be an independent Contractor. He claimed that he's US and Portugal citizen.

His bank account was frozen due to fraudulent activities. His agent bank account and name: 878113120 Awe Adeola Chase Bank New York

David Bernard
His agent bank account and name: 878113120 Awe Adeola Chase Bank New York

His info was red flags everywhere, but as women, we know that we shouldn’t be asking questions like detective, because that’s what you do when you are open and try to get to know the person.

He claimed that he was born in Texas, but sometimes he said he’s from Queens, New York, which he then explained it’s his dad who were from Queens. His parents retired and moved back to Portugal. He’s 42, and his wife died 4 years ago in childbirth. He met his wife when he was doing his masters and they fall in love. He moved to Toronto/Canada as his wife relocated there for her job in an international pharmaceutical company. He barely knew Toronto.

He used to work for URS since he graduated but left when the company was acquired by AECOM, and he got referrals from clients. He kept saying he is an independent contractor but he did not even
get his company properly set up. He claimed that he’s a civil engineered. His daughter who’s 8 used to live with his parents but now go to boarding school in UK.

He also mentioned he has a sister who is much younger, and also have a niece that he’s not close. (none of that make sense, I think he’s messed up with another identity) He himself was born in the US but moved back to Portugal when he was 7 yrs old, then went to school in Finland for undergrad and University of London for Masters.

He did have an accent, and now in hindsight it’s not the UK accent but more like the east European accent. He claimed that he recently moved to Jersey and he also got kicked out from CMB after 2 weeks on the site. Everytime I asked him when I am in doubt, he told me to trust him, and don’t ruin something that’s really good.

He promised me time and time over and over again that he will never hurt me, never lie to me, and always trust him. I was really scared but I really thought that this time love found me, and the fact that he’s always txting me and emailing me, it really manipulated me and got into my head that I have found love, and I should not care any nitty gritty small things but focus on our big love.

He had lied to me so many times, and everytime I caught red flag, I would confront him and hope that he would clear that and we can move on. Eventually, he said his parents went into the hospital and long story short, he asked me for money for surgery.

His story ain’t make any sense but I connected with him so deeply that I just couldn’t let him to be on his own to take this on his own. I did send him $, but even after that he still kept on asking more, even asked me for my savings to borrow for short term.

I also gone through some personal hardship at the same time, so financially it has been very difficult for me as I am a single woman taking care of my parents and also helping out my siblings.

I now know what a raped victim feel, as I feel immerse shame let alone hurt. I know I still have a long road ahead to recover. I just wish other people can read this and be smarter and not make mistakes like I do and get myself all wounded.

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Jul 07, 2017
BLACK David Bernard
by: Anonymous

I think he does this under a black man as well with the same name. The story is similar - dead mother of son and uses a VERY attractive black guy. I didn't send any money as I was very suspicious and noted something was wrong.

Shorty after texting for a few weeks he asked for money to help his son and I told him he would BURN IN HELL for scamming women in this manner and I wasn't fooled.

WOMAN beware, we have a sense when things are fishy and normally true!

Jun 13, 2017
Billy Kieffer/David Bernard
by: Anonymous

OMG! how did you know it's the same person? Did you try the phone number and check out his pix? What's his story? Thank you for letting everyone know!!!!!!!!

Glad that you are safe!

Jun 12, 2017
Passes himself off as Billy Kieffer also know as David Bernard
by: Anonymous

Same story as others, different name! At least he didn't get any of my money!

May 31, 2017
by: Sharon Henson

Thank you for sharing your story and the pictures of the innocent people used by your scammer. I love that you call yourself a survivor of a scam and not a victim. Hope you don't mind but I'm going to borrow that from you. I'm tired of being a victim.

Best of luck to you.


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