Dave Thomas on WWF Under Water Welder in California

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


I met a man called Dave Thomas on words with friends. That is his username on the game. It all begins on the game and he approaches you. The questions are the usual such as;

How long have you played this game?
Where are you from?
Are you talking to any other men here?
Are you married?
What is your favourite color?
What time is it there?

Soon that stops, there has been no mention of his work, job, age or life. Just that he is in California. So he asks to go to Gmail Hangouts and we do. But it takes me FIVE attempts to make him give me his address and still he does not! I know he is hiding something. Over we go to Hangouts and our lies begin as follows;

Him: I am a widower for 4 years now.I couldn't believe it. But that's life for you my dear, I realized I had to be strong for little Angel Joyce ,She's my joy and happiness, I love her very much with all my Heart.
How old are you if I may ask ?

Me: Oh so am I how old is Joyce? I am 49 and you?

Him: Joyce is 13 years old for now, I’m 60
So tell me ***** what’s your likes and dislikes ?

We go onto likes, dislikes and he is a religious man and I am having none of that. He isn't going to prey on me

Me: What do you do Dave?

Him: Do you mean what do I do for a living ?

Me: Yes

Him: I’m a pipe welding engineer I weld underwater but now I don’t work much cause I’m the supervisor here in California (that is all he says. No mention of a oil rig, company, contract or what a man would say about his job

More fluff and blah, blah is exchanged about hobbies, likes, dislikes, food and random rubbish Nigerians ask. He does try to call and I bluff my way out of it.

Then out of the blue he just says "I embark on contracts" and no more even when asked for details he does not respond. Next he moves
onto age and hits on me.

Him: my Dad died when I was just a Kid, Mom died 2001, I'm the only Child of my Parents, My Daughter Joyce is the only close family I have got at the moment, she's my best friend, sister and everything to me.
Do you seek for a particular age, How old are you?

Me: Oh okay I am 49

Him: I do not seek for a particular age, because I feel age is numbers, you do not know where love can hit you up from. It can be someone younger than you or perhaps older than you. I'm 60 years old.
What attracts you to a man?

We go on about that with me telling him I am playing a game but he persists and turns to love talk with emojis and love pictures on Hangouts. He does ask me about my work and clearly asks if I have Bitcoin.

I ask for photos to be swapped and we do. The picture swap ends it before he can ask for money. Here's why;

Me: Are you gay? What are you doing on a website called Daddies and C***s man? OMG who are you?

Him: That’s not me on that site I’m not on social media *****

Him: That’s not me and I’m not gay please don’t say that

Me: Your images are all over the web. You may say it but there are photos of you and that is no pina colada you are sipping on man! Why can't I see your email? (This how I get his email) What are you hiding from me?

Him: I don’t know where you’re driving to on this I’m not that man on the web you say that’s gay I’m not gay please stop saying that I’m lying I’m not *****

Okay that is enough for me. The images are stolen and attached here. You can search them and see who the real man is. He has no idea his images are being used by Nigerians but he really should be more discreet. Whoever Dave Thomas is they are full of lies, deception, using stolen images and not anyone called Dave Thomas.

Email to avoid: Davethomasog@gmail.com

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Jun 18, 2020
by: Anonymous

I'm glad to see this. I have been corresponding with a gentlemen with the same pictures and with a daughter named Lina in boarding school. He is on instagram which I had deleted and reported him. He said he is an oil engineer off the coast of Italy. We never talked on phone just texting.

He would ask me for things like cards Amazon and Itunes but I refused. I would tell him I have no money. He keeps telling me he needs cards to buy Internet service since he does not have access to his money. He claims that he is rich and has a place in New York where he goes. It does not make sense. So, he tried to play the Corona Virus trick on me and needed money sent to the Nanny who is taken care of his daughter. I told him no I didn't have any money.

Then he didn't say anything to me for 2 months. Then all of a sudden he contacted me again and accused me of not talking to him. That he will be leaving the ship on June 2020 and is going to resign. I told him I was glad for him. Then he asked me for money to get him off the boat and again I told him I don't have money. He told me he is borrowing from a friends internet to talk to me and soon he will not have internet service.

I told him if he has internet service he has capability of getting money from his bank to pay for his expenses. I have not heard back from him since then.

Apr 21, 2020
by: A guy from Belgium

Actually, many scammers are using his photo to scam people, and I found the same picture on a Instagram account talking about finance and trade.

Be cautious !

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