Dating site pof scam, online dating

by louise carter

I met a guy on a dating site, his name was David Durant, and he claimed he lived in longwood, florida with a son, and he said his wife died while giving birth. He said his sons name is Derrick, and I asked him to show me proof that he lives in Longwood, florida, and he send me pics of a credit card with the Name David Durant and also pictures of his checkbook.

I decided to google the name and got the phone number of that address he claimed he lived at, and the real David Durant answered the phone, hes 73 and been in hospital for months and just got home, I told him and warned him that someone stole his credit card and checkbook, this old mans identity was stolen. I then confessed to the fake David Durant what I did, and he said he lied to me and said he lived in Longwood to impress me, and that his real name is Ron Macom.

When I googled pics of Ron Macom, it said he is a scammer and showed me tons of pics, the pics he send me.

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