Dating scams

by tangi
(Mel, Aust)

Not sure if he's from Nigeria or from Malaysia.

Been scammed by a person calling himself Natan Hansen.

He is 51 yrs old from Poland working in UK, but has now changed his name to Larry Donovan with someone else called Justin.

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Jul 03, 2015
l love scammed
by: Anonymous

I have deleted most of the conversations we had just 1 pic left I forgot to delete and that's how I know that he changed his name. It was a gorgeous pic which you would want to date.

He wanted to come over to see me on vacations but I have to look for a house just for me and him, so I end up running around for a established house and he's paying for it.

He said someone is coming to deliver the cash about 800,000 dollars and the guy will ring me when he gets here. He showed me the receipt CPS Diplomatic couriered. The guy flew to Malaysia and got stuck cause, the customs officer took the money and he has to pay $5000 to clear it so he rang me to pay for it and I did it, then he rang again that customs said that he will need a declaration form to get that amount of money when he arrives here in Aus and I have to do something.

That's when I started to get annoyed with this Natan Hansen. The house that I purchased is waiting for the deposit and the solicitor called me and I explained everything and she told me that to stop it I have been scammed. That Natan told me not to discuss any of this to nobody but I told the solicitor.

He said that he is a engineer and he's working in the ocean in California for a few weeks and that he's going to negotiate with China.

Jul 02, 2015
Hi Tangi!
by: Terri

Hello Tangi! How were you scammed? Can you share what this guy did to you? It would help to educate other women that may become victims as well.

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