Dating Scams Review - Danut Timoftica

by Anonymous

Albert Danut, Danut Timoftica, Albert Timothy, Danut Timothy are all names used.

Claims he was born in Romania (father was Romania), raised in Spain and Romania. He said his mother (Spanish) was a doctor without borders, and they lived many places while growing up. He said he went to university in Boston, graduate school in Texas, and then lived in Dallas for 19 years. He said he was married for 18 years, divorced for 4 and no kids. Said they just sold their house that he'd been living in since they separated and was moving to San Francisco for a new start. 

In the meantime, he was awarded an engineering contract and would be going offshore for a few weeks in December 2019. He would postpone starting his new job in San Francisco until after the contract was completed.

His timeline and locations didn't match up and were inconsistent, which made it hard to follow his story. His LinkedIn accounts, which he had more than one of, had different titles and locations. The link to his company website produced 2 separate urls, invalid links and contact numbers. 

Things seemed good and not too unrealistic given the circumstances. Hours of talking, texting, photos shared, talking about the future, and creating a sense of closeness and emotional intimacy, for months. Then he began to drop innuendos of project trouble, fraudulent activity affecting his account and needing money.

That's when warning signals began but made sense, in a way. The more he was asked for details, the more my friend received, and the more dire he made his situation sound. He went as far as talking about the future of the project being a romantic and business future and the proceeds would benefit both of them. Lots of sweet talk, love poems, seemingly open heart and connectedness. Emotional communication skills were really good and seemingly true. Then communication dwindled and then stopped after money was sent as a business investment after a few more weeks.

Classic scam story from here on... If you've had contact with this person, be warned, he is not who he says he is. He is very good at what he does and he does not work alone. Be careful

Cut your connection, move on and don't look back. This has been reported to the authorities, if there are any other suggestions or experiences with him, please let us know.

Thank you

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Mar 17, 2020
Albert Danut Timothy
by: Anonymous

Dan, Al or whatever name he has been using, sent me a photo of him at Barry’s San Diego. Careless perhaps, he didn’t notice the location floor mat was branded. He was so desperate to prove his identity that he also sent a copy of his passport and international driver’s license which also indicated he is based in San Diego. ID# seemed changed but the rest of data looked real.

The pictures posted are old ones. In one of our heated exchanges, he sent "at-the-moment" selfies and he looked different, old, despicably haggard with evil eyes.

This guy’s a total loser! Preying on unsuspecting victims capitalizing on his looks which clearly has faded. I strung him along and made sure he felt duped after investing months of texting, calls for nothing, not a dime! Who’s laughing now?!

Help spread the word. People like him should be incarcerated for life.

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