Dating Scams on Facebook

by Linda

Picture of Lowe Henkins aka Jace Lowe

Picture of Lowe Henkins aka Jace Lowe

Ladies BEWARE!!!! of these names and numbers as they are scammers. First I received a friend request from a Greg Navas so I accepted. First he said he was a Marine Engineer working in Oslo Norway who lost his wife 5 years prior to a fatal accident and had a 14 year old son who was in school in US. Sounded kind of fishy to me and we conversed on hangouts and then within a few days his profile and pictures(stolen) disappeared off Facebook but we still conversed until I made him mad then he quit texting me.

Next, there was a Thomas Spencer from Omaha Nebraska who was a widow with a 17 year old daughter and a 19 year old son who was with a nanny to look after them while he was on an oil rig off the coast of Austin Texas for 9 more weeks. Nannys at that age??? I finally told him I was going out of state and he never asked for money or anything but I think it was coming.

Then the best one was a Jace Lowe from Austin Texas who was a petroleum engineer on a rig in Austin who lived there with his two children and his wife died of cancer 4 years prior. He was madly in love with me, he was 65 years old, 5ft 8 in tall and weighed 58 kilos. We conversed on hangouts for about 3 weeks and then he wanted me to change my phone carrier to Verizon as he was going to Turkey for 3 weeks and that was the only way he could call me. I would not do that so the next step was asking for my personal info as he wanted to send $10000 to my account for us to have when he came to meet me.

Then he wanted me to apply for a Capital One credit card as I have no credit cards,and I told him I did and he wanted me to send him the info and I told him I would not and why didn't he apply for one in his name and add me as a signer.

He kept hounding me for my personal info so I gave him a fake bank account and fake ss number and within a couple of days he kept on and I finally told him I had reported him under all of the names I had as a scammer to the Office of the Inspector General and the FBI.

Within 3 days I received a text as to how badly I had hurt him and how much he loved me and that he had been contacted by the FBI and they had cleared him. That was a good laugh.

Beware of these phone numbers 972-559-0769, 518-488-9425, 518-553-5257.

White pages says they are high risk for fraud

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