Dating scam Twitter Instagram and Facebook

by Anonymous

George Mall jack_m234

George Mall jack_m234

George Mall, Nigerian scammer, Nigerian name jnr DN slim Danny, Instagram jack_m234. He contacted me on twitter, usual following only women, talks with accent says Swedish, wife killed with son in accident, had grand daughter Janet with Nanny, tells you he loves you, sends poems, asks about your character like he is screening for future wife.

Petroleum Engineer on Rig in Mexico, calls you all the time on the phone, text you from hangouts, morning and good night. Wants to come take you on s trip. Shows inside rig in Mexico, suitcases packed. It shows video of him on helicopter with rig in background and matches pictures. Sends picture of internet purchase ticket Instanbul, pictures in Turkey, in car in Turkey, Google location in Instanbul sends in hangouts.

After two weeks romancing, says done job, then sends picture of cheque from job and also tax letter stating he owes 5000, The Turkish Government needs money, sent pic of 1000 cash. Needs money or they will jail him if he doesn't pay. Bank will not cash check as only valid in the US. Said he had no money. Then asked the account for the password for the bank and computer to have money deposited but said that is against the law.

Very abusive when challenged. Says from California. List contact two weeks and he then says his home is in Maddison. Will want me to invest in Bitcoin investment pyramid scheme and directs you to a website.

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