Dating scam review

by Anonymous

I received a request from a Dennis Tim Nicholas - handsome guy from New York City, American mother, Austrian father, separated for 6 years since his wife cheated on him. He claimed he works as an orthopaedic surgeon in Syria. When I asked him where he told me outside Damascus.

Father of twin girls - they are being taken care of by their school teacher!!! His father is now dead and his mother is at a nursing home at 73.

He sends me poems and roses every day at 23.45 to wish me good night. When I ask about his work he says he is very busy, but then he is always online too!!!

He wants to leave NY and settle with me in my country!! Amazing and so wildly romantic! He wants to retire after working for 32 years as a surgeon with the UN and start investing money. According to my calculations he was a surgeon at 20! Pretty amazing isnt it?

I ask him a question and he never answers. His questions are always the same: Good morning! How was your night? And three times a day, How is your day going? And his English was horrendous for an English speaking surgeon!

Didn't ask me for nothing, yet. However, I had a gut feeling that this must not be true! I understand that surgeons in Syria surely don't have time to be on messenger all day and night! Any time!

I blocked him on fb and messenger. He is too good to be true. Before I blocked him I told him that he is a liar and that surgeons care for all their patients. When I told him he is not on the UN list of doctors, he told me it was 'top secret in the US government file especially when you assigned for a mission somewhere not secure. I am sorry there is no way you can have access to my file for some reason. Okay honey?'

And also that without me his life is meaningless - after 5 days of online chatting.

Sorry but I am not so dumb. It was a relief to read that I am not the only one. We need to be careful out there. These scammers cause so much pain to people.

Keep safe everyone!

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