Dating Scam Civil Engineer in Turkey

by Anonymous

Additional photos of John Hedrick aka Damian Berkins. Dating scam civil engineer, widower with 19 yo daughter Sandy allegedly lives in Hockessin, DE. He contacted me on

If you see these pics, run the other way and post a reply to me below with your contact information so I can share details.

Best to all of you who read this post.

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Mar 19, 2023
My life ruined
by: Anonymous

Everything these others have written is exactly what I was told. Exact story. Who plays his mom? I have even talked to her on the phone. It’s over 2 years now. He got very rich from me. I lost my entire life savings, my home, my retirement, my credit rating.

I was too stupid to listen to the bank etc. I almost lost my family. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here. I would have given up.

He destroyed me and I will never recover financially or mentally. I cry everyday. I hate myself.

Ruined my life. I fell for it all.

Nov 06, 2022
Nearly scammed
by: Anonymous

I was nearly scammed with the same story. He went to Turkey to get his cheque from the Turkey government. He sent me a copy of the cheque worth $4,000,000 plus. Called me and asked me to help him to deposit that cheque. The Turkey bank needs him to open an account. The opening amount is $11,500 Canadian and he has only $6,000.00 so is asking for the remaining balance.

He even cried. oh God I was on my presence of mind, and I immediately said I don't have that money. It is scary that this is in the Eharmoney dating ap.

Be careful with this name.

Dec 28, 2021
Residential Government Housing-Istanbul Turkey scam
by: Anonymous

This man is pure poison. Run and run fast. He is the Devil in disguise.

He used the name of Diego Sousa and said he was from Scarborough posing as a Residential Developer working a major project in Turkey since March 2021.

He asks for lots of money and this was on the Silversingles dating site. Please be aware people as he may pose as a woman as well on other sites.

He uses many different names on many different dating sites.

Posing as a man who is from Brazil and moved to Scarborough/Toronto with his Mom after his Dad passed away and his sister died a year ago with cancer. None of this is true.

I would add more pictures but I couldn't figure out how.

ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there:

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