Danut Albert Timothy Scam

by Anonymous

Aliases used: Albert Timothy, Danut Albert, Albert Dennis, Albert Danut, Danut, Danut Timothy, Albert Timoftica, D. Abatha Tim, George Alberto, Tomas Lawrence

Alleged DOB: July 27, 1969
Actual Phone # used: (424) 292-2234, (928) 212-3882, (972) 472-1760, (479) 275-2352
Actual Email used: jan*her73@gm**l.com, j*neher73@ya***.com, nich*lash@gma**.com, support@d*tcons***s.com
Alleged company used: d*tcons**ts.co*
Alleged company affiliation: Arabian Construction Company, BP Oil, General Electric – his website is linked to GE Portal
Actual Online dating sites being used: WWF, Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Match, POF
Actual Communication App used: Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Mobile
Alleged Address used: 4183 South 6th Street Kingsville, TX 78363, USA; Ghantoot, Dubai
Last known location: San Diego, CA, claims to be currently in Dubai, UAE
Alleged Citizenship: American, Romanian, Spanish, African, Nigerian
Alleged Education Background: MIT, University of Texas at Dallas, NYU
Scam Stories used:

He grew up in South Africa then UK and later on returned to United States to study in New York or in Dallas; A widower; Divorced 3 years ago from a 7-year troubled marriage

Mother (Lucy) lives in South Africa; Financially supports niece (Kim) who is a daughter of male cousin. Cousin and/or wife died in accident or cousin’s wife is disabled; Aunt lives in North Carolina;

Ex-wife (Carol) is an ex-bank employee who defrauded him of millions transferring money to off-shore accounts; Ex-wife is mastermind for all scam articles posted online about him in retaliation for divorce. Ex-wife lived in Florida and currently, in Santa Monica, CA

Father’s whereabouts not known or left when he was 4, hardly talks about this sensitive topic
- Met investors in Denver; Awarded $6-7M contract to build power plant in Dubai; Currently, in Dubai, UAE on a rig to drill oil barrels

$ Emergencies: Expensive gifts; Send urgent money to niece for food; To fund equipment for customs release; To pay salaries of employees; Was indicted by court for non-payment of suppliers

Award letter from Bob Dudley-CEO BP Oil; Selfie pictures with Gavin Newsom-CA Governor and pictures with known celebrities

What you can do:

Immediately delete connection, block all communications and stay away from potential harm. He is not doing this alone. The person you exchange emails/texts with is NOT the same person you talk to on mobile/video calls.

Take screenshots of conversation, keep email trails for your own protection. Save copies of photos and document any vital information. This might come in handy in case things get any worse.

All photos, recorded messages or personal info you shared could be potentially be used
as accessory to scam more people. Confide to a close friend or a family member and embarrassing as it may sound, you need emotional support regardless of how mentally, emotionally or financially impacted.

DO NOT at all cost, send money, gifts or even share your personal information. If you have done so, change all your passwords immediately and limit social media exposure

If you are brave enough,

The most reasonable thing to do is report this scam to the authorities. File a complaint to FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center – www.ic3.gov.

You may opt to send proof of scam to FTC, Bureau of Consumer Protection, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20580 or call them directly at (877) 382-4357; (866) 653-4261
- Scam baiting is dangerous and NOT recommended. Those who opt to string along these scammers, please be careful.

How did I know?
I became privy to details from a friend who was targeted by this scammer. She confided all and we documented everything. We saw earlier signs and listened to our instincts. As early as 2 weeks, he started hinting about gifts and became manipulative, yet totally sweet, thoughtful and charming.

Daily morning messages plagiarized from the internet, video clips and voice recording that melted your heart. Song lyrics that you chime in together. We looked closely at the sloppy photoshopped pictures and obvious telltale signs. Was introduced to his accomplices/friends and contacts, promises of a life together.

Allegedly bought a ring to ask your hand, marry and live happily ever after… and more promises! All these to keep you hooked and invested. Admittedly, she straddled along, who doesn’t want a fairy tale?!

But remember, keep your sanity. DON’T SEND $. If you do, that’s the end game or he may come back for more. The most believable thing he said, was he wanted OUT, just couldn’t at this time. Not until he settles his “dealings” or pay his dues. As time passed by (out of desperation), things spiraled to worse.

The photos sent were of an aging haggard, skinny, scary man. Final straw was a heart-breaking hospital scene wearing a gold necklace while in ICU and persistent calls comforting you he’s stable but in dire straits of financial help while hearing an excessively loud beeping sound of heart monitor in the background. We have diligently done our homework and we have proof of all these.

Share your findings and stories so others may be saved. Education and awareness is the best form of vindication.

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Nov 28, 2020
Add Kai VanBolt to the list of names
by: Anonymous

Another name Kai VanBolt this person is using

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