Daniel Taylor ExxonMobil Oil Rig Contractor

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of an Innocent Family Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of an Innocent Family Used by Nigerian Scammers


Daniel Taylor is on the game Words With Friends and after starting a game he asks you to go to Hangouts. He doesn't say much about himself a recurring theme He says he is from New York, 52 years old with a 4 year old daughter named Mercy. That is about all he says of himself and then to his work;

Him: I'm the director of the chemical & production engineer company I have people who work under me as well as I work under some one.... Here in the ship it's a bit dangerous one really need to be careful during the drilling of the oils this time is not working in the office we have office work but the main work here is the drilling of oils and gas

Him: I work offshore

Him: I work with ExxonMobil company here in UK

Him: Dear I'm not working for any body I was assigned here by the U S government

You can't say that and expect to be taken seriously

Me: Okay so which company or government agency?

Him: Lee Raymond remained the chairman and chief executive of ExxonMobil probably we are working under him but we are not working for him

Him: I hope you understand that

No I do not but if he says so then it must be true

We then move to the scripted questions and he paints a picture of being a lonely man on an oil rig. Yes he said ship I'm asked what is my favourite colour, food, music, likes/dislikes, relationship history etc. Whoever it is does make an effort to win you but they're also arrogant and I've no time for it. I just decided a story as bad as his needs to be called out.;

Me: Tell me who you work for

Him: I don't understand

Me: So you don’t know who you work for?

Him: How many time are you asking me that question

Me: You can’t answer

Him: Didn't I answer you that question before?

Me: Employed people can answer that question and you can’t!

Him: What are you talking about?

Me: I’m saying you can’t tell me who you work for

Him: I'm not working for anybody

Me: Now you work for no one?

Him: I was assigned by the U S government

Him: What are you up to

Him: Why are you repeating this question?

Me: The US Government. I don’t know who you are but you must think I’m as stupid as you

Him: What??

Him: Am stupid??

Me: You said it. Not me lol

Him: I guess something is wrong with you this morning

Him: Maybe you're on cheap drugs

Him: Is that a joke or what?

Me: No I’m having a laugh at you. lol

Me: Which agency of the government do you work for?

Him: I work with Exxon Mobil Oil
Company UK, offshore,as a production/chemical Engr.I am in an Oil rig 400 nautical miles into the seas of United State.

Him: I won't repeat myself anymore because I have told you this several times

Me: Since when does the government of the USA assign employees to an ExxonMobil oil rig?

Him: You're being optimistic now and is really ******* me off

Me: Good because I know what you’ve said is a pile of rubbish

Him: My current contract was assign to ExxonMobil by the Government

Me: No it wasn't

Him: All am saying is rubbish ???

Me: Yes it’s all a pile of fluff. Name the oil rig you’re on. They all have a name

Him: You have rude my day

Me: Yes because you are lying to me

Him: I'm been honest with you right from the beginning

Him: The UK continental shelf

Him: Alba oil field

Him UK

Him: What makes you think that I'm lying to you

Me: Think about what you just told me

Him: I have told you everything you need to know

Me: Yes you indeed have and I appreciate how honestly you are lying to me

Him: Why are you doubting me

Me: This is what you said

Me: I am in an Oil rig 400 nautical miles into the seas of United State.

Me: Then

Me: The UK continental shelf

Me: Alba oil field UK

Him: So what happened to that

Me: The United States and the United Kingdom have the Atlantic Ocean between them. So which is it? I think that is a fair geographical question

Him: Why are you doing this

Him: You are calling me a lier

Me: Why are you lying to me? Am I not fair? I'm asking valid questions

Him: I'm not lying to you

Him: You are making me look stupid

Because you are! On we go and he later says he is a hard working man in Birmingham England. He declares neverending true love and that he's not worthy of my alias. He provides his address in England. It is a P.O. Box in Alabama USA he really doesn't know the difference between the two.

No need to get to his scam. A story like that is made to be questioned and I did. You can see he doesn't know the difference between the USA and UK. Since when does the US government employ contractors on ExxonMobil oil rigs?

Last heard he was called "Daniel" and not in the UK or USA and refusing to say where he is. I've noticed with oil rig romance scams that many have a very flimsy story. They refuse to talk about who they are and can't say much about who they are employed by.

If you meet someone online saying they're on an oil rig ask as much as you can about it.

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