Convicted felons and trespassing....the kirby way

by Solly

I live in an apartment complex which doesn't allow solicitors. Yet kirby sales people went around knocking on doors. This was after the office hours at the rental office, so I doubt the property managers were even aware these people were here. That is trespassing.

I was led to believe it was a carpet cleaning company doing a demo on one room in hopes of being hired to do the rest, so I let them in. Big mistake.

Immediately the pleasant lady at my door was replaced by a guy with tattoos on his hands and neck, and some greasy little dude in a suit. The guy with the jailhouse tattoos admitted to being a convicted felon and still on probation. This is who these people bring into your home!

I am a big guy with tats myself, so I wasn't worried, but I can only imagine the intimidation that single mothers or elderly people would feel having this guy alone in their homes.

3 hours into my '20 minute' demo I hadn't been able to make dinner, was late for an appointment, and was nearing a point where I was considering violence to remove these pests from my home.

After several obviously fake phone calls to some mysterious 'boss', the greasy sales guy came back and despite my obvious anger at having wasted my time, still went into his pitch. Just zero respect for me or my time (or the fact that I said no).

Greasy boy made some fake calls of his own and eventually offered me either $700 financed or $600 if I paid cash on the spot. Wow, six bills for a machine he told me was $3200...yeah, no red flags there.

I kicked them out and immediately started researching the company. I found thousands of complaints in seconds.

Despite kirby's claims that they have no control over these front companies, the complaints are so identical as to defy any other explanation but that kirby directly controls them, and simply shuts one down if it runs into legal trouble only to replace it with a new company.

I also saw that the kirby is actually a low quality product that often breaks in a month or two, but the warranty is utterly worthless for getting anything fixed.

Kirby is a scam. It's a relic of the old door to door scams of yesteryear like Amway.

Avoid them at all costs.

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Mar 25, 2019
Got my daughter
by: Anonymous

They talked my daughter into it Now she has years to be messed up. They will not take it back. They are mean people.


Dec 06, 2016
Great Posting!
by: Anonymous

I enjoyed your posting and you are spot on! Thousands and thousands of people, voicing the same or very similar complaints, can't be wrong.

I've done a lot of research and discovered the "free carpet cleaning" ploy has been reported on for as long as the internet has been a thing (and well before that, I'm sure). Kirby will NOT take responsibility for any consumer complaints, that much has been established. They are well aware the distributors lie and say it's a lifetime warranty.

It's not.

It's a limited 3 year warranty where only certain parts are covered and you pay any freight costs if you have to ship the vacuum to them. After that, you are paying hundreds or more for repairs. If someone wants a Kirby, they can get one from a vacuum repair shop for about $400 with a 3 year warranty through the vacuum shop. Kirby was ranked at #8 by the 2016 Consumer Reports Vacuum Guide and in another category, they didn't even make the list!

If you insist on buying one from Kirby themselves, keep in mind, if you pay cash and hold your ground, you can get it for as little as $800.

Personally, I will never purchase one because I feel they are a shyster organization and I don't do business with shady people who use strong-arm tactics.

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