Conversations with a Nigerian dating scamer

by art

I have been approached many times. Not that I am in a desperate search for Mrs. Right.

Most of the time you can figure it is a scam of some sort by the 3rd or 4th conversation. When reading their messages the wording will be odd.

Second they will slip up in conversations. Then ask yourself some of the questions they have asked you. Do these questions or actions really seem rational??? Then just when they think they might have a sucker, you start asking them for more information.

If they have told you that they are from the USA and their mother lived in Nigeria ask them why she lived there. What kind of work do they do? My favorite question of all is ask them for a pic of them with a sign that means something to you.

An example is a sign with your favorite candy bar, favorite flower or favorite sports car... you get what i'm saying.

After asking some of these questions they will try not answering them or finally leave. I have found that these things really work and I have not sent or lost any money to them.

Last of all is don't share any of your personal information with them... keep your self and your family safe. God Bless :)

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Jul 21, 2011
Please help me
by: Anonymous

Well I have been approached by a man in California and we have talked for 6 weeks and it's going great, but he just left for a week or so to work on a contract in Nigeria.

He has not asked me for anything since he has been
there since Monday and then said his phone is not
working at all.

When I asked him to call me instead of emails
he said he would try to go get a phone and he has not been able to.

He says his money and credit is tied up in this contract. I did a search on his email and it came back as real.

He asked me today to send him a phone and this is
four days after I offered to do that.

I said what if I can't? He said don't stress over it I'll just be stuck till I get home.

So does he sound legit? I like him and hope he is
but I'm leary sending a phone cos he might be asking for money soon?

Please help as I'm curious

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