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It never ceases to amaze me at the common denominators these scammers have. "Hello pretty, dear, honey. What do you seek here" (when on a dating site). "Have you eaten. Do you live alone. Do you have kids. Do you work. Can you hear me?".

These are ALL ways of manipulating conversations regarding FINANCIAL means. When they ask you "can you hear me?". NEVER NEVER EVER tell ANYONE "Yes" or Yes I can" to ANY question they may ask. They can take and use that "YES" to gain financial info on ANYONE. These people are GOOD at what they do, and can take a phone conversation, splice it up, and call banks to obtain money. Get rid of the "YES" when starting any conversation with ANY of them. They're as good at doing this as they are using copy and paste.

Ever notice how long it takes a scammer to get back to you via a dating site chat, or a text? That's because they're "working" others and it takes time to get back to you. Yet, they'll say their computer/phone locked up; had to go to the restroom; a friend stopped by; had to take a call; etc. The list goes on.

Also take note of certain coincidences. They spell yogurt "yoghurt"; they leave out the "a, is, on and at" in sentences; they ALWAYS want to know "what do you seek here". Ever heard of ANY 60-65 year old in the military on a dating site that CANNOT speak decent English? Not happening.

A new one---a guy who CLAIMED to work as a Deputy sales for Costco and CLAIMS he is NOW an Information Analyst for the USAF. NONE of it made sense.

Pay close attention to how they sound. A LOT of these Nigerian scammer smoke. It's quite easy
to listen and hear them taking breaths when talking on the phone with them (if you get that far). They're taking puffs on their "cigs" or "sticks". A LOT of them have a smoking vice as it's easy to obtain cigarettes.

Finally--their occupations: Engineers, self-employed, gemologists, contractors, and government employees. All TOO easy to Google and get a quick job description as ANY of those can encompass any job.

DON'T fall for these scam artists. They're NOT on a dating site or messaging you via FB or IG because they think you're gorgeous and they want a relationship with you; they're out to get your money, your house, and leave you destitute. If you want companionship, join a club, see what's available in your local area, and go OUT. Save your money for YOU, and not THEM.

You can also check their phone number by doing a reverse phone lookup, phone validator, white pages, and others that are available. IF they give you their name (which ALWAYS consists of 2 first names put together) GOOGLE them. YOU WON'T find them. EVERYONE can be found---if not--that should be the BIGGEST red flag---it's a scammer.

Just don't tell them you've tried looking them up. They get defensive, and ALWAYS say "well dear when people are private on social media, or have private phone numbers, they don't appear on a computer search. LIES. They just think one is dumb enough to fall for that excuse.

BTW--if you HAVE to be on a dating site, play their game. Get a VOIP (Google) phone number, (never give them your own number), carry on a conversation, and ask THEM for money. Or you need an iTunes card to download a much needed app. Trust me--they disappear quicker than you can count to 10.

It's just easier to BLOCK THEM.


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Feb 07, 2019
Common denominators
by: Anonymous

Very good advice. Don't forget that some of them will take months before asking for money for what ever emergency that comes up. By then they have already pledged their love to you and you have fallen victim to their words. They are very good at manipulation. Even if you think you would never fall for it. Get educated! Read all you can about their tactics and what to look out for.

Disconnect and block immediately. It will hurt and you will feel cheated but you won't lose your money.

Stay safe and smart.

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