Columbia, SC. Charlotte,NC

by Bobby Johnson
(FT Mill, SC)

I had two salespeople come to the door and said they wanted to clean any area to show me how good the system was. I let them in and watched. After about an hour I told them I was not interested and to leave. They then said " well let us leave it here and we will come back and pick it up later that day. They wrote out a receipt and gave to me that showed they left it here.

While one was doing this the other one took my Dyson vacuum out the back door and put it in his car. This was done without my knowledge and nothing on the receipt said anything as such. In other words these two stole my DYSON. I found out it was missing the moment they left.

They did not return that day so I called the company and told them that they stole my vacuum cleaner and I needed it back. They said they would bring it back in 10 days.

There was no trade in/ paper work or anything discussed about taking my Dyson.

These sales people stole my vacuum and when I called them I told them they had 24 hrs to return it or police report will be filed. I will do just that if it's not back tomorrow.

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