Colton Greene Curry

by Maria

Name: Colton Greene Curry

Age: 43
From Utah, USA
Phone number +1 302 206 5052 (he has whatsapp)

I got contacted by him on a POF dating app 14 days ago, and we continue chatting by whatsapp. He says he is a firebrand engineer who is right now working in Belarus for a Russian company delivering weapons.

He sent many pictures and some videos of him shooting in Belarus, even pictures from his 8 years old daughter "Remi".

No parents, no friends, only a "granny" in Utah who takes care of his daughter and his dog.

He asked me to help him to go into a bank account in the USA and make him a transfer because he can't do it by himself as he says he doesn't have an internet connection for that and his phone number is broken.

He did the same to other friends of mine.

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