Collins Jacob United Nations Afghanistan Doctor Scam on WWF Inbox

by Biggles

Stolen image of an innocent man used by Nigerian scammers

Stolen image of an innocent man used by Nigerian scammers


Met one Collins Jacob on Words With Friends username Collinsjacob. He moves you to Hangouts and doesn't really say too much. He does the talking with all the usual questions. Favorite color, food, music, movie and then about you, your family, work, life story and nothing else.

He says he is 60 years old on April 10th. Has a son James 14 going on 15 soon. Lost wife in a car crash a long tome ago. Says he has a medical center in the USA but doesn't say where. Is an orthopedic surgeon with the United Nations in Kabul, Afghanistan. Not in the military but on a 6 month contract. He never identifies what nationality he is so you assume American. Once the contract is done he will leave to be with you.

All the usual love talk happens and he just one day tells you that you love him and assumes you do. Life is hard where he is and he misses his son. He asks for iTunes cards;

Him: Baby my son called me this morning

Him: Baby please can I see your pretty face again

Me: Sure I'll send one soon. How is your son?

Him: He is fine

Him: I told you that he like iTunes card

Me: Okay

Him: Baby can you send him as a surprise please, am very busy for now please

Me: Where is he?

Him: Minnesota

This is a scammer testing to see if you pay. I don't and ignore him for a few weeks. We again get into talking daily, he again goes into declaring love for you. He says insurgents are creating problems and he is being transferred to Herat to work there. He sends images from the news which are 2 days old, the other is from 2003. He says the following;

Him: Yes right now then is war

Him: At least 69 pro-government forces and eight civilians were killed in Afghanistan during the past week. The deadliest attack took place in Ghor Province, where the Taliban attacked security outposts in the village of Salah Khana in Kamenge area of Shahrak District, where clashes continued for four hours. Six commandos, five soldiers and two members of police Special Forces were killed and 20 others, including commandos, soldiers and police officers, were wounded. Local authorities claimed that 15 members of the Taliban were killed in the clash. In Badghis Province, four police officers and one member of police Special Forces were killed in the center of Qadis District, when their outpost was attacked by the Taliban. Amid clashes with the Taliban, the Afghan government is grappling with the coronavirus, which is spreading at a time of raging war and a political crisis that has stalled governance in the country.

Me: But you're United Nations right? Not U.S. Army?

Him: Yes

Him: United Nations

Me: Ooh where in Afghanistan will you be?

Him: Herat

Him: Do you know that

This is a good example of
a scam where current events freely available in the news are available to the victim. We continue to talk and he starts to tell a story of hardship in Afghanistan. He doesn't know what UNAMA is yet he is on contract with them.

He mentions financial difficulties and wanting to be with you. He can't travel. Then he says he can't access his bank accounts, no reason why. He needs money for James school fees, I think. The few weeks we didn't speak he has used to go back over our chat history and he makes a real effort on what you have told him.

Me: Great thanks I'm sort of working now

Him: OK so no store haven't open (Okay, he still wants iTunes cards)

Me: Just the same one we go to all the newsagents are closed

Him: ooh same with bank (I don't ask, but how about online banking)

Him: Because am trying to come back but I try to take money but they don't allow me just because of the lockdown

Me: Oh why is that?

Him: Am so confuse honey just $15,000

Me: Ooh really?

Him: Yes honey

Me: Well that is not much

Him: OK honey is then anyway that you can help

Me: How do you reckon?

Him: Maybe

Me: Well let me know and i'd love to help

Him: Ooh that's nice

Him: So honey you mean you can do something

Him: Are you there

Me: Ooh I'm here and making coffee

Him: OK so you mean you can send it

Him: Hiney

Him: Honey

Me: Well it is Sunday. Where do I send it?

Him: You can't send it today

Him: So can you make it up on Monday

Me: Where do I send it?

Him: Can you do Money gram (wire transfer, never do this)

Me: What is that? Don't you have a bank account for online banking?

Him: Yes I do babe

Me: Ooh okay we'll use that my man

Him: few mins babe


Account holder
George B********
Address: 1*** Division st B
Oceanside Ca 92054

Bank name
MIssion Federal Credit Union
710 Carlsbad village drive Carlsbad Ca 92008

Savings Account# 9121****
Rout # 32228****

Him: Missed call from Collins

Him: Are you still here honey

Me: Ooh my man

Him: Hope you have seen it

Me: Ooh sorry I missed that my man. Who is George?

Him: He's my agent

Me: Ooh okay I'll send it tonight my man

Him: OK honey once you are done you should send me the receipt

Me: Ooh okay my man

Him: Am expecting it today OK I love you sweetheart

Him: Are you there

Him: Are you doing it online babe ?

End of getting a scams details. I am doing it online here. He uses an agent, why he can't access his bank online when he says he is a doctor with a medical center living overseas is beyond me.

Avoid this email and attached images;

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Feb 21, 2022
by: Kathy

I met this guy on Facebook as Louis R. Donald. He was the chief engineer on an oil rig off the coast of Ireland, associated with the U.N. He said that with the money he earned by the end of his contract he wanted to build a hospital or an orphanage of some sort.

His wife had died and he had a son in boarding school in the US. He wanted to come here and get married, and live happily. I did a search and found his picture on various sites, and when I reported him as a fraud on Facebook, he got very angry.

I told him he was a fraud, and a scammer, but even after having his Facebook shut down, he kept on communicating. I finally just shut it down. I am very curious as to who really owns this picture. I wonder if he knows his picture is being used like this.

May 23, 2021
Collins Jacob
by: Anonymous

I met this man on POF with the name of Tony Hayes. Born in Norway. Father from Norway died. Mother is from Texas so they moved back here. Said he lives in SF and is an engineer on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

In checking other dating sites and Yandex, I found him with many names. Here are some of them: Leon Fournier, Byron Owen, William Reinhard, Martin Brew, Richard Gustav, Thiago Thomas, Tod T. Leo.

Each name is from a different US state or different country. I have talked to him and he definitely is not from Australia as I have family in Australia and have been there and he has no Australian accent.

Dec 11, 2020
Roland gawin
by: Anonymous

Met Roland on words with friends. I wouldn’t go on hangouts or WhatsApp so emailed me. I’ve been emailing since end of September and I was going well and he was supposed to come to Florida so we can meet. He said his identity was stolen by the Taliban.

He goes by many names and finding Jacob, Michael, Scott. Today he asked me to help him with money. He’s working as a contract on a rig in Norway. Wants me to help him get materials to finish the job. He ordered stuff but it doesn’t match the couplings and all so he needs to get more. So asked me if I could help.

I told him no and he gets very upset and tells me that you know my love only means money well his love only needs money so beware women

Oct 29, 2020
Many aliases - engineer, welder, surgeon, ....
by: Anonymous

This man (Comfort George / George Comfort) emails me that he likes my profile pic. Then he starts sweet talking & romancing. I told him from the start I was unemployed & under a doctor's care. He hasn't asked me for anything so far except to marry me.

I don't trust him. I've found too much on the web about the man in the pics he emailed to me. He has a stack of aliases a mile long

Apr 23, 2020
Same Modus operandi on instagram
by: I got the same story on Instagram

Hi there, Believe it or not, I got contacted by an Orthopaedic surgeon with a similar MO. He claimed he was working in Syria (which would make him unsearchable).

This story has been used before

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