Close encounter with a Kirby Sales person

by Haaz
(Murrieta, CA)

The close encounter with a Kirby Sales person started out with some young skinny kid dressed in all black ringing my door bell offering to clean one room in my house for free with no obligations.

I work from home and told him I did not have much time, so he said it would only take 15 or 20 minutes and that some one else would be coming to do it.

So I clear out my office and vacuum the floor to get it ready for cleaning.

About 15 minutes later an old white beat up 1980's looking van pulls up full of people and this 6 feet something 250-300 pound-ish Hawaiian / Samoan looking chick get out with her back pack and the Kirby in a large box and begins walking up my drive way while the van pulls away.

I was nice and greeted her and walked her through the garage and in to the home office that I wanted to have cleaned. She set her stuff down on the floor and I right away noticed the smell of very strong smelling cheap perfume. She asked if she could use my bathroom and I hesitantly showed her where it is and let her use it.

She came back and started talking about Kirby vacuums and I immediately asked her how long this was going to take. She told me it would be an hour and half. I then told her now was not a good time as I am working and that the sales guy told me it would only take 15-20 minutes not an hour and a half.

She grabbed the stuff and I walked her out of the house. After she was gone I went to check on the bathroom and saw that the toilet seat was broken. She cracked it all the way through.

Anyways I got some Clorox bleach and scrubbed the toilet seat and area down real good and then used febreze fabric refresher in the areas she was at, as she left this horrid smell of BO and Cheap perfume in the area.

My Advise is:

DO NOT let these people in to your homes.

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Aug 10, 2014
by: Anonymous

When you let strangers into your home, a broken toilet seat could be the least of your problems.

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