Clifford Graham - Oil Rig Scammer

by Helen

Contacted me on Words With Friends an online scrabble game. Working on an oil rig in Scotland, wife died, 13 year old son Ryan. 'Wife had this liver complaint, died right here in my arms' - googled it and yes, he had copied it.

After four days he asked me if I could consider living in Asheville NC when we were married. I asked him what Asheville is like, and he gave me a description, copied from the tourist board online but said 'this is what my daddy told me'.

Every morning I received love poems - again copied from the Internet.

Within the first few lines on WWF he had asked me to download Viber so he could text me. Called me Honey and after he asked me to marry him I asked him to ring me so I could hear him call me Honey and tell me he loved me. He did and I knew immediately he was no more from US than any other Nigerian scammer!

He reckoned he was upset that I doubted him so I strung him along another day, then told him I couldn't wait to get married and move to the US with him. Ah but he didn't know when his contract would finish on the rig, but when it did he would be paid 13 million dollars!

I told him that as I knew I would never have to worry about finances when I married him that I was seeing a solicitor and signing my house over to my kids. And thats when I went to live in the US and my pensions in the UK would end.

Well now, since I told him that I haven't heard from him again! No prizes for guessing why!

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