Clevenger Ham Central Intelligence Agency Syria

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Clevenger Ham is on Scrabble GO. The approach by Nigerians on this game is just to get a victim off the app to Hangouts or WhatsApp as fast as possible. They are not interested in telling you anything about themselves. Mainly because they don't know who they claim to be.

He is 50 years old with a son. That is all they'll tell you no matter how much you ask.

The title says it all. He first says he is special forces with Delta but doesn't know anything about the military and names unit after unit. They think throwing big words around makes them important, if you ask, they make simple mistakes. Below is what my alias encountered;

The US and UN have no forces in Syria. If he is CIA he isn't going to tell anyone he met on a game

Him: Hope you you have a nice day today?

Me: It's only starting

Him: Oh really

Him: So what are you doing now..and what is the time over there

Me: It is 6 am

Him: Okay

Him: Have you eaten?

Me: No

Him: Why

Me: I only woke up

Him: Okay

Him: So what is the plan for today?

Me: Out and about

Him: Okay dear ..are you going now or later

Me: Later

Him: Okay

Snip to that evening

Him: How was your night?

Me: The night has just started here

Him: Really

Him: What is the time over there?

Me: 10:03 pm

Him: Really

Me: Yes

Him: Here is 1:04pm

Me: I'm relaxing

Him: That's nice

Him: What do you seek for in a relationship?

Me: I don't know as I am not looking for one.

Him: Okay

Him: I will love to meet a good woman to spend time together and get to know each other. Share who we are and what we like to enjoy the best in this life.

Him: What are the basic qualities you seek for in a man?

Me: Again, I don't know as I'm not looking for a man

Him: How do you treat your man? (9 lines of love edited out)

Me: You keep asking me about my man. Please don't, we've just met and are friends.

Edit: You can see from that they've no idea about what you're telling them and no interest in listening or learning. To his "work";

Me: Exactly what is it you do?

Him: First what do you do for a living?

Me: I'm retired and you?

Him: Oh really ...what kind of job is that

Me: You don't know what that means?

Him: No

Him: Well I work with the US military as a secret agent

Me: Oh okay and where are you now?

Him: and i hope you feel the same you already know, I am Captain Clevenger Ham of the US Army,I am with the US army in the Department of the Army Security Guards (DASG) we are federal law enforcement agency created by the United States Army.

Him: We are in charge of protecting military installations and military personal worldwide and our main mission is to combat terrorism, deter criminal activity, secure military installations and protect personnel.

Me: Okay that is really interesting. I guess you enjoy it a lot? Where are you now?

Him: now I'm currently deployed here in Syria .I am a member of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta, commonly known as Delta Force 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment marine corp, CIA paramilitary teams Division 10th.

Him: I will complete my tour over here in Syria in two months time

Me: Sounds like
you lead an interesting life. So that means you're with the CIA, right?

Him: Yes dear I’m with the CIA over here in Syria now

Him: I grew up in belgium.I was the only child of my parents. I went to high school in belgiumj then we moved to the U.S when i was 15.

Edit: What a pack of lies. My alias sticks with it though as a CIA scam appeals. The next day he speaks about his ex wife;

Him: I was married to Roseline my ex

Me: Okay

Him: My ex was not a one man woman, she was a flirt and since I made her a soul beneficiary to my bank account and she started spending all my money on her boyfriends and took over 850,000 dollars loan for me to pay

Me: Okay but that's not my business

Him: Why do you say so

Me: It's not my business your past

Him: Yes I know..I’m saying this because we need to know more about each other okay

Him: when I came back from my trip I got an heart attack when i noticed this and I was admitted in the hospital for two week and she only came like 5 times and when I was discharged my friend came to take me home,

Me: Okay

Him: when I got home I found her having Sex with another guy in our bed, when the guy was running out he hit me on the chest and that lead to my heart problem and I was advise not to work for sometime and since all this while.

Me: Okay that is no good but it's nothing to do with me. I don't care, get over it.

Him: Ok if you say s

Him: So

Him: Can you tell me more about yourself

Him: Hello

Edit: He expected sympathy and got none. He speaks of his money and unfortunate marriage. We continue at a slower pace and daily they're asking the time and if you've eaten. They're also trying to phish butmy alias walks away or ignores. Exactly what they do so well;

Do you drive?
What type of car do you have?
Please can you tell me little more about yourself?
Anything like about yourself and your ex husband

You can learn how they work and communicate with each other. I didn't answer a single question of theirs. They just start calling you"love" and get told not to which they do stop. I start asking again and all of the above is a little different;

Him: After divorce with my ex I was able to buy a house in Texas and start all over again, but I believe in the saying that says dry bones shall rise again, then I was worth more 3 million dollars before she spent them on her lovers and boyfriend


Him: I have a son he is presently in the Texas shooling... I'm not home, What can i say about Frank, he is a lovely kid and fun to be with, i enjoy every bit of time i spend with him, and i miss him so much now that i am far away from home i cant wait to come back for good...


Him: I am Captain Clevenger Ham of the US Army,I am with the US army in the Department of the Army Security Guards (DASG) we are federal law enforcement agency created by the United States Army

$850,000 becomes $3 million and the CIA is now the DASG. If you keep it simple you will catch them out. Email in use:

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Jan 25, 2021
They expect you to believe their dribble
by: Anonymous

Siblings and dad in the military. If he was with the CIA he wouldn’t be divulging his location.


Tired of these people creeping up on games I enjoy

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