Chris Anderson/AKA Many Other Names/Words With Friends

I too was contacted on Words with Friends. Mine was "Hello Pretty". After a few back and forth chats, he seemed nice enough so we become Facebook Friends. He immediately went to Messenger and after a few days his Facebook profile disappeared.

He told me he did not know what happened but he would look into it. After about six weeks of chatting he then told me he was awarded a contract and would be very wealthy after work was completed. He was then flying from Houston to the Rig. Along with all his workers. Next thing you know he was asking me to be his next of kin beneficiary. In case something happened to him. He is a widower of course with a daughter that lives with a Nanny and his sick mother.

I absolutely refused and we argued over Messenger. I then blocked him from Messenger and got off of Words With Friends. After about a week I went back on and he was gone. Then I started getting game requests from all this attractive men and one woman. All told in the space of two weeks I must have been hit on 25-30 different times.

I could not figure out how I was being selected so randomly. Then it dawned on me that the original Chris Anderson had my user name and he was either doing it himself or had passed it along to his "workers".

About 10 days ago I got smart and changed my user name. I have not been bothered since. But before I did that I sent him a game request because I remembered his user name. He is still on there as Chris Anderson but has too many games and cannot accept anymore!

Wonder what picture he is using. So all you ladies out there be very aware that these guys are relentless and will lie and stop at nothing. But if you still want to resume your game, just get back on and change your user name.

I also reported him and the others to Zygna and they are looking into it. Anyone know Chris Anderson? He also uses the name Nyland Jonas.

I saw his picture on here. Not the exact one he sent me but enough to know it is him.

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