Charles “Charlie” Bothmann

by Paula

Never give these guys money!

Never give these guys money!

Hello ladies. This guy is a huge fake. I have been talking to him for about 6 weeks. His Dad supposedly passed away the day after Father’s Day. Divorced no kids.

We have video chatted. He has supposedly been out working on a Pemex rig for over a week. He’s supposed to be a underwater pipeline consultant.

He’s never asked me for money or to even carry on a verbal sexual conversation. I’m very upfront about myself as always it’s just easier like that. He’s romantic and kind. He always replied to texts in an acceptable time frame.

The reason I questioned his authenticity is he was moved pretty quickly with his feelings. I just googled his name for the heck of it. And this site popped up.

Of course it was disheartening. I told him about the site, he acted confused by it. I let it play along a couple days and then I said you could clear this up easily by sending me a copy of your drivers license. His quick reply was sure when I’m off work this evening.

So he did send me a copy of a drivers license with his photo. It was the same guy as his profile and the same guy I video chatted with. But looking I could tell it was altered.

So I told him it was fun, and I’d miss talking with him, Have a good life.

Good Luck ladies, <


Texas Girl

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