Charles Bothmann (oil rig scammer)

by Debra Levesque

This romantic man pursued me for three months. I tried three times to say good bye to him, but he would call me and romnce me back.

His name is Charles Bothman (Boothmann), he says he is 57 years old and lives in Boston Massachusetts. He is a technical engineer and has his own company and a contract with Shell Oil Co. and has a crew that works for him on an offshore oil rig somewhere where he kept telling me it was cold.

He is divorced with a 20 year old daughter.
When we started out he told me that I was the last love of his life, kept calling me sunshine, how much he loved me, respected me and couldn't wait to get out of the rig and meet me and how much of a loving happy life we would have.

First before Halloween the pressure pump broke and he tried to fix it but he needed to order a new one from the company he does business with in Canada, the part cost $130,000.00 but because he has such good standings with the company that they were going to let him have it at half price until he finished the job then he had to pay the difference.

He gave me a fake bank account and asked me to transfer from "his" bank account to the company, but of course it didn't work, so he needed money to send to the company to pay for the
part, so he got most of it and wanted me to come up with $2000.00.

After that was settled, he said he had to pay the Canadian Government a tax on the part so that was another $6500.00, so once again he cried and bellyached on how much money needed, again he asked me to help and pay another $1500.00. Then when the part got to the Canadian/US border there the EPA got involved and held up the truck so that was another $6800.00.

During this whole process now it was after Christmas and he cried about not being able to be with me at Christmas. Then he needed to pay a border patrol cost of another $6200.00. I told him I could not help him anymore so he got angry and said how could someone that loved him not be willing to help him, never mind that I had depleated my account and took out a loan for him to help him, but that didn't count because I could not help him anymore, so he told me good bye and that he would pay me back every cent I spent to help him, not to worry.

Well it has now been a week and I am still waiting. I told him to make sure he watches his back every time he turns around. I have every bank receipt that I deposited, names, addresses, and the banks that were used.

So ladies beware of this romantic scammer from Boston Massachusetts

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Jun 20, 2018
Ladies beware
by: Anonymous

This guy Charles is still out trying to scam ladies into doing whatever, now he's on a dating site called 50+. He says he's from Boston, is of Canadian and Irish decent but lives in Louisiana, and sent me 2 emails saying he is divorced, has 1 daughter and is looking for his last love. He gave me a phone number and told me to text him but he can not call or accept calls unless its an emergency. Something made me think it's not right so I looked up the phone number and guess what, I see a page come up called and that's when I read this story above. He's not going to get anything out of me, that's for sure.

I just reported him on the dating site. If anyone else comes along this guys profile Charles Bothman, please beware.

Jan 23, 2018
Charles Bothmann
by: Cynthia

Where on the planet have you been living?? All the online sites tell you not to send money to any unknown person.

This man has taken your money and left you in debt. It does not manner the name of the person as the game is always the same. They cheat you out of your money.

Do not ever send any of these guys 💰 they are talking to you an a lot of other women.

They not work because women like you keep sending them money.

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