Captain Jerry Dickson Watkins U.S. Army

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Another from Scrabble GO. He actually tries to tell you a little when pushed but only what he chooses. The following is what he says about being a captain in the U.S. Army;

Me: By captain, do you mean the commanding officer of a ship?

Him: Hahaha.

Me: You want a laugh?

Him: My Rank as a Captain is governed by Department of Defense policies derived from the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA). As well a Sea commander oh yes .. But we are always at the border Security both Sea and Dry Land Sevice

Me: Okay so you are on or off a ship?

Him: I'm off ship in collaboration with the US Army..

Me: Okay and where are you now?

Him: The motto in my unit is Trust no one in Battle He can't say where he is

Edit and snip: That is a joke and he knows it too. We continue for a few days and are progressing as a poor scam does. He sends a video for my alias. An effort is made to turn on the love with the cut and paste messages but my alias is having no part of it.

No matter how hard I tried they refused to answer any simple questions. He then told my alias she "belonged to him" and her reply got her blocked and they left the game. The man in the pictures is innocent and you have to feel for him given how commonly his images are used.

Email in use: (He says he is in the Army, why have the Navy in his email?)

There is a new video on the Biggles777 YouTube Channel.

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