Can someone tell me if they Know a Tammy Fost

by David Bruffy
(Lynchburg,Va UnitedStates)

I met Tammy Fost on Facebook. We talked and have been talking for over a year and the story behind her is she left Zanesville Ohio where her Grandma lives, and they went to Nigeria so she can get her grandma help because she is sick. On and off throughout the little over a year she has asked for money.

Either I have to send it to her or she has a "friend" send me cash to send to her! She has had a few different profiles on facebook and I was wondering if someone else has talked to her or has been asked to send cash to her.

She usually uses Yemi ola or ope dada, or some one else in Nigeria to pick up cash for her.

Email addresses know for Tammy are: and

and she text using the yahoo to text! I used a Facebook Checker and photo used come up original photos and pass the check as not fakes. You may have been contacted by a Becker Savage or some one with a Kevin Savage in their name also, it may be the same person working the genders.


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Aug 01, 2017
Just was checking in to see if there were updates
by: Bruffy

Its been awhile since i posted, so was just checking in to see if someone has heard from Tammy Fost, last I heard her Grandma had died in nigeria, and she was trying to find a way home. From what I was told about Kevin Savage, there is a death record for him so some things told may be true but was checking to see if anyone has heard from her.

Jan 25, 2016
by: bruffy

I hadn't heard from Tammy in a while. Last heard Grandma died and she was trying to come to the States Still.

If any one does know who she is or if any one does have photos of her please email me at and put in the subject line TAMMY

Dec 26, 2015
scammed by another/same person Tammy....
by: clifford

Hello,I have the same type of person that has the first name Tammy but now has another last name. I will look for it and get back to you. But just in the last month she came back with another name and said she was back here in the states now.

Same girl, I have pictures from the start to the new ones she's using. But her story is schooling while granny is getting her health back and I believed the story. Granny sent me money to send to her, went and got it out of my account that she sent and the cops come to me asking where the fake money was, showed them the receipt(money gram) and now I'm in court because the guy that sent it is blaming me because he says I did it.

When it was him and the girl doing the fraud, plus stop $182.00 out of my account.

I'll be back

Jan 16, 2015
Pay atention to the signs
by: Anonymous

Sorry but I got the feeling you are in the hands of a very skilled scammer.

First red flag: why she had to move to Nigeria for a health program? Africa is not the best place to find cures, on the opposite, is where deadly deseases come frome.

Second red flag: Most scammers are related to Nigeria or Lagos.

Third red flag: Why does someone else have to colect the money you send? Why not use her name to collect it?

Fourth red flag: Why she has to ask for money in first place.

Probably the photographies appear to be legal 'cause the original person has not found out her identity has been stolen.

Any way. Do not send more money and you must inform the interpol. You have the names of the persons who collects the money for "her". That is a start. It might not result on you recovering your money, but they will have to change their operations sistem.

Good luck!

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