Calling police on kirby salesrep

by Chad Jeromie
(Fresno, Ca. USA)

A girl showed up talking about a new cleaning service they are starting at 7:30 pm. All of a sudden she brings two guys and a vacuum cleaner and they want to shampoo the living room carpet. At 9:30 they start turning my wife and i against each other trying to run a credit check and i let them know right away that im being very nice with them and let them know we do not want the expensive thing.

Finally at 10pm i got very rude and informed them to get out of the house. Still they kept trying to say my wife wanted it and i informed them that i didn't care and that she wasn't getting the junk. At this time i went outside and informed that girl that was the supervisor that i was calling the police and as soon as i got dispatch on the phone and informed them of the situation i heard her call the two guys in the house to stop whatever they were doing because it wasn't working and to get in the van right now!

I stayed on the phone with dispatch and gave the plate number and description of the white van. These three took off so fast the tyres on the huge van screeched! Makes me wonder if these three were just trying to get info to rob us later.

Needless to say there is a fight in the house because of these losers that are supposedly selling KIRBY VACUUMS. A word to everyone please send these salesmen on their way and if you do want an expensive vacuum just call kirby and have them bring you one

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