Called the police on Kirby Sales people

by Phil
(Vacaville, Ca.)

About 18 years ago when I came home from work my wife told me she got a phone call and said we were radomly selected to recieve a fee capet cleaning.

I knew right off the bat it was a scam and told my wife we didn't win anything and it was going to be some sort of sales pitch.

The guy came on a Saturday and was there for close to 3 hours showing us blown up pictures of dust mites(looked like monsters) that he said was making our kids sick and cleaned about 1 square foot of carpet only and did his demo stuff and tried to sell us a Kirby for 2000 bucks.

Back then I was scratching to make ends meet and 2000 bucks would have put me in the poor house.

I said no freakin way...only I didnt say freakin. He said he'd call his superviors to see if he could get us a better deal. Back then we had a land line and he asked to use the house phone. I was very skeptical that he was even calling anyone so I went in the bedroom and picked up the phone to see if he was in fact talking to someone.

Turns out he was and what his supervior said was "look..I don't care what you have to do but get those people to buy a vacuum cleaner".

He got off the phone and told us....great news! We can give it to you for $1,200.00. I still said no way and he started asking me why I would want my kids to be getting sick all the time and then he went back into the features of the vacuum cleaner. I still said no and he got back on the phone and when he got off he said $800.00.

I still said I can't afford it and asked him to leave. He said he wouldn't leave unyil he knew our kids would be living in a healthy home. Now I'm pissed.

I went over and opened the front door....grabbed the vacuum
cleaner and hoses and threw it out front door. I know I broke something as a couple pieces went flying as it went down the steps and told him get the F**K out before I call the cops.

As he picked his stuff up off the ground he looked at me and said since your not getting the vacuum cleaner could you do one thing for me? I said what? With that cheap vacuum you got now please go over the areas you vacuum several times to try and get all Dust Mites because it looks like you have a nice family and I'd hate to see your kids getting sick.

With that I slammed the door in his face.

The reason I posted this is because since then I've been approached at least 20 more times from Kirby people trying to get in my house. One guy told me Kirby is the Cadillac of Vacuum cleaners. I asked him if he saw a Cadillac in my driveway.

Told him I can't afford a Cadilac either...thats why I have a Toyota.

Last night was the last straw which prompted me to check the web on these Kirby people.

I was having a birthday party for my wife. Three times in a four hour period 3 different Kirby sales idiots walked into my garage trying to sell me a vacuum cleaner..... in the middle of my party.

Said it would only take a few minutes. Can you belive that? I told one guy are you so stupid to think I'm going to put this party on hold to listen to your bullshit. Then I asked him were his solicitors badge was and he didn't have one...this was at 9 o'clock at night.

I told him to beat it and I was calling the cops. He still seemed polite about it.....unreal. It almost seems like these people are in some kind of cult or something. I did call the cops and they sent a officer out the check it out. Hopefully I won't have to deal with them for a while.

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