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Has been calling my friend everyday for 8+months but has never visited and has refused for her to visit. I'm hoping I am very wrong, but would appreciate if anyone else has heard of BRYAN SCOTT, white Norwegian male, currently on an oil rig in Houston, 41yo, oil rig contractor, has all these loans that are caught up in default and needs my friend to cash checks for him and then wire him money.

Doesn't have any social media presence (except on these scam boards), no credit cards bc he does not believe in them, an ex-fiancé that cheated on him with his best friend; raised by single mother because father died when he was a child.

I love my friend - this is so evil and mean-spirited. Please contact me if you have any information.

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Jan 08, 2018
Ryan Scott
by: Gail

Very smooth talker..sings to you..practices the secret..loves you more. Sounds german accent and calls you his queen. Has fake bank accounts. Has lots of connections nigerian..arib.. new york..
and wants money to pay taxes in Dubai
as he works as an enginer for oil. Writes english perfect.

Any info contact me

Sep 14, 2017
Bill Parker Oil rig scammer
by: Anonymous

Name Bill Parker, from Norway. Said he lived in palm beach. Needed to fill out an app from I tunes to get a job. Fell and hurt his back. Couldn't get to a store, lots of excuses why he couldn't buy online. Asked fr $50 gift card. I said I don't sent money or Gift cards to strangers etc. He got angry.

Days later said he couldn't meet me because he was late applying for the job because I wouldn't send him the money. Lol

Then I never heard from him again. This guy was so romantic! Sent beautiful songs from ITunes etc. and makes u feel special.

Anyway beware.

I didn't send money but was sad when I realized all he said to me was bogus. So hard these sites.

Aug 12, 2017
Sounds like Bryan Scott
by: Anonymous

He sounds exactly like a man I had been talking too only his name was Michael Sottile. Then I found out his name was Allen Beard or I should say one of his other names. Very nice looking man who tells you everything your heart wants to hear.

Then he starting by asking for large sums of money always with the promise to pay it back.

I didnt have the cash he asked for then he asked for me to send him Itunes gift cards. He was being kicked out of his hotel in Turkey where he had a 8 million dollar contract. He had no money no food and finally losing service on his cell phone all because I wouldnt send him any funds.

Very smooth talker and if he was real he was someone I definitely would have gone out with.

Aug 09, 2017
Look up Ray Donald or Fred Hanson
by: Anonymous

These people are the same guy, look under scam pictures if you can. He says the same things with a little twist. Please convince your friend he is a scam artist, delete him from her life!

Before he takes her money and her heart 😡

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