Bryan Henderson Poland Oil Rig

by Anonymous

Hello there. I have met this guy with the same name and he said that he is in Poland Oil Rig and his son is in boarding school in the US. He sent me his pictures while taking coffee, pictures with his son, and he is also saying about the money he will receive after he retires and that he loves me and really wrote long messages regarding his feelings.

I met him on other dating sites. He fell in love so fast and flatters me a lot and wanted to send me money for about $40,000 so I was shicked because its a huge amount and he said its a gift. And then I asked him how he will send the money and he said he will send it thru courier DHL.

I searched for DHL and they dont accept money transfer there and so I told him that and he said there are other ways to send money and I told him I cannot accept that huge amount and then he said he will just send $2000 for now. Before that, he said that the signal in the rig is not very good that they are not actually allowed to use phone because their company is taking precautions and dont want to repeat what happened on the Mexico oil rig that exploded. And also we cant do videocall.

So I was doubting already about this guy and thought maybe he is a scammer. I was checking and trying to google this person but i could not find him. So when he told me he will send the money to me the next day, I immediately blocked him so he cant reach me anymore and after a few days when i clicked on his name in the telegram app, he had already deleted all our conversation.

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