Brian Taylor- Oil Rigger

by Jacque
(Nashville, TN)

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor OkCupid profile picture

I️ met Brian on OkCupid about 3 months ago. He was polite and understanding. He claimed he was working on an Oil rig out of Tampa. Several trips bidding for jobs in Utah. But, phone always disconnected. Tried to get me to give him access to my mobile account but I️ refused.

I️ took notice of how angry he got.

He turned up the charm and now a month later he has an unexpected financial need, and pressuring me to give him $2500. Told him no several times. He continued. I asked him early on if he was a scammer as I know the difference in dialects and advised him that he sounded more African possibly Jamaican. So, responding to his latest request, I️ let him know that he’s not who he says he is.

Independent contractors have to plan for running over budget. They will make sure their phone lines are working as their livelihood depends on it. I also paid attention to the pictures he sent me. Poor quality and one had him wearing a pullover from Oxford, which he never said he attended. Who wouldn’t brag about graduating from Oxford?

Be careful this person is very cunning.

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Dec 22, 2017
Bryan Tyler
by: Anonymous

Cynthia, I fully agree with your comment. I am not giving anyone any money or anything else. That’s ridiculous that people sit around scheming rip-offs.


Dec 21, 2017
Brian Taylor
by: Cynthia

Thanks for the pics. This stories are getting the same boring story of wife died, got kids in another country. Always need money to keep the business going.

Please do not send any of these CROOKS your money and keep supporting their life style and all their vacations.

You keep your money for your own family and go on your vacations and have fun.

Delete all these men right away and do not play games with them. It is about time to Shut all the overseas men down an stop them from stealing from US Citizens.

Dec 21, 2017
Brian Taylor
by: Bronze Goddess

Sounds very familiar. I told him no several times and he grew angry and disappeared. Then he cane back just to check on me and say merry Christmas

He asked three more times for money. Said he had raised all but $700.00. I said NO.

He then started sending poetry and saying he could not forget about me. I told him that was nice but I felt he was intelligent enough to get money on his own.

He asked AGAIN. I said in no uncertain terms. NO.

He said you can’t take any of your money with you. Then he stopped typing. I asked if he was done. He said there was nothing more to say since I am so cold hearted. LOL!!!!! I was like, Wow! Good riddance.

I was not looking for Love. If I were it would not be online. And if it were online, my first turn off is to tell me you love me and want to get married. Second asking me for money when you claim to have so much! Does not work.

Another one sent photos of the house he is building for me. I felt like puking.

Just sharing.

Be careful out there ladies and gents

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