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by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Another from Scrabble GO who doesn't think anything through except to tell you to go to Walmart and buy $500 worth of Steam cards. He does say his father is dead and mother still alive. In the same sentence he then says she is dead too. He says he has "kids" but his focus is on mining your background.

He doesn't give an age, where he is born or lives despite my alias asking. There's no love here, just a greedy Nigerian kid wanting cash that can't be traced. We've been talking on and off for a few weeks and I know it is a scam. Let's watch it go wrong for him as he asks for Steam cards, it is edited a little;

Him: (Insert Steam wallet account balance)

Me: What is a steam balance?

Him: Honey its a gift card honey

Him: Its like iTunes card

Me: Oooh ok

Him: Can you do it for me honey

Him: You can find it in Walmart

Him: Or any shopping mall dear

Me: Walmart is American we don't have them

Him: They will surely have it my dear just check for it

Him: Stop the coles and ask there too

Me: Okay but it is only 8 am here

Him: Shops are already open I guess

Me: No they are only opening now and I'm not going out till later

Him: Okay my dear please don’t forget to get it for me before they get me disconnected

Edit: Okay. That really irritated me. I've woken up and he is demanding I go to Walmart and buy him Steam cards. I play along and then pretend I'm at the store. Not before he sends pictures of Steam cards and tells me which denominations they should be in;

Me: Hi are you awake?

Him: I'm here

Him: How are you

Me: They only have $50 cards

Me: That is Aussie dollars not USD too

Him: Okay honey

Him: Did you get it up to $500

Me: So you are happy with Australian dollars?

Him: Honey do you see steam card there

Me: Yes, I just said they only have $50 cards (He isn't even listening to me)

Him: Okay honey get a steam card of $50 up to $500 honey

Me: iTunes have $500 cards

Him: No honey get the one of $50 of steam card

Him: Up to $500

Me: Okay I'll get 10 of those

Him: Okay honey waiting (Okay, when
they say that I blow a fuse)

Me: Well I'm at the shop. Why so impatient?

Him: Okay honey okay

Edit and snip. I've really forgotten his work so time to have a go at him

Me: What work do you do again?

Him: Honey I do not do any extra work

Me: You don't have a job?

Him: I'm a military man and work in Dublin Ireland sea

Edit: Wonderful he's a clueless twat

Me: Okay so you are fighting the IRA?

Him: Yes honey

Me: Oh wow! So you're British army?

Him: No honey I'm a U S army but currently there by the UN government

Me: Oh okay

Him: Honey but I have already told you all this

Me: The IRA disbanded 20 years ago and the only army they fought were the British army.(Not tue)

Me: Why is the U.S. Army fighting a war that no longer exists?

Him: Honey we are not there for war,we are there to protect the company at the sea

Insert picture of an oil rig

Him: Honey that is the company

Him: We are sent to protect

Me: Which company would that be?

Him: Air sea forwarding limited

Me: Okay

Me: So why did you send me a picture of an ExxonMobil oil rig located at Santa Barbara?

Him: Oh honey it was a mistake,my younger brother was here sorry

Insert picture from a freight forwarding company, it's a farce now

Me: You said you're the only child of your late parents. That means you can't possibly have a younger brother

Him: honey I said I only have one child

Him: honey I don't understand what's going on

Him: with all this interview

Me: You said you had "kids" that means more than one.

Me: You said you're an only child and now you have a brother?

Him: honey I understand I only told you I have a kid we do not discuss about my brother

Him: honey so you dont trust me at all

Me: Not one little bit. You're feeding me lie after lie. You're a Nigerian scammer wanting free cash. Tell your story walking thief.

Him: I dont understand

Him: are you trying to call me a scammer

Me: No. I am not trying. I am stating it as a fact

Email in use: if you ask simple questions they trip up. If you search any images you're sent there's a good chance you'll find it with other names.

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