Brian Hinton US Army Afghanistan

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Brian Hinton is on Scrabble GO. 56 years old with no family and from Tooele Utah. That is all they'll say before starting with their scripted questions. Their scam identity being military gives them the excuse not to tell the victim much and limit the images they use. They play on that;

Him: I guess I told you we don't snap pictures here it's not allowed to so we only snap when the camp photographer is said to do so

Him: I risked sending you where I sleep because I trust you and and don't really know why I send it to you

Me: Just send one

Him: Just hold on let see if I can have one snap for you I don't want to send you my old picture

Him: Hold on

Edit: After some time an image arrives. With many from Scrabble GO I'm not giving them the clear answers they expect or time to chat. I ignored "Brian" for days though we were still playing the game. With each of these scams there's something different to look at and with this one it is gift cards for internet data.

This exchange is them unable to access their bank account and wanting a card;

Him: Okay. Why I don't play Scrabble what happened

Me: What do you mean?

Him: The reason you are not seeing me on scrabble is I got a notification that I will be opt out of my internet connection and that will make me lose everything including our conversation. I have been worried since morning.I thought the card I bought before I was deployed would last me until I return home
so frustrating to receive this notification and there is no way I can get the card here because it a war zone and I don't have access to my finance here.

Him: I had my bank account secured before coming I never knew I will stay much longer here

Him: What says the time?

Me: It's 7:02 am here. What's the problem with your bank?

Him: Its okay. I had it secured incase I don't make it out of here

Me: Okay and your internet connection?

Him: Honestly I never planned on coming back because I planned on ending my life here became I have no one to return home to since I met you, you are the only friend and family I have and I have seen reasons of wanting to be alive because I found something in you

Me: Okay

Me: How will you do that?

Him: I can if you can do me the favour oh having me $200 gift card

Me: Why don't you top up with your ISP?

Him: Dear its against the rule here.... We can be tracked we do off the internet

Him: I know about the internet service provider if I wanted to I would have been wasting my time telling you all this

Me: Okay

Him: Yep

Him: All this is for security reasons

Me: So you need internet data?

Him: Yes

Me: Okay

Him: Will you help?

Me: What gift card pays for internet data?

Him: ITunes and Goggle play card

Edit: He's with the military in Afghanistan and you, who he just met, are the only friend he has who can give him money. Email in use:

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