Bought a Kirby and now We're in Debt With First Credit!!!

by The Riddick's
(Dalzell, SC)

A well dressed Man came by our house only days after we moved in and offered to clean our carpet for free. But because we were too busy unpacking we said not now come back later (thinking they would never return).

However, Later that week, he did return and this time with a young woman. Since we weren't busy and wanted a "free" carpet cleaning we allowed them to come in.

They assured us they only wanted to clean the carpet and demonstrate how well the machine worked. The woman promised us we would not have to purchase anything we did not want and that she only needed 30 minutes of our time in order for her to get paid for the day.


We agreed and she went out to the big White van they pulled up in and came back with a kirby box and a black tote. The man drove off. She told us not to worry and that he would be back to get her in 30 minutes.

She gave a great "performance" and demonstration. But after she gave us the price of 2200 bucks we knew it was something we wanted, but couldn't afford. She asked to use our phone and called her manager. She later said that if we signed a contract, traded in our old vacuum and made monthly payments of 99.00 for 24 months we could have it.

We made the biggest mistake ever and signed on the dotted line. A month later, we recieved a phone call from First Credit asking for their money. We told them that we did not want the vacuum and that the purchase was a mistake and asked how could we return it. They basically told us "too bad, So Sad"!

So now we are stuck with a vacuum and a payment that we really cannot afford to have nor have we used. Do not feel pressured into buying the Vacuum!!! IT IS A SCAM!!!!! Tell them NO! before they even get one foot in the door!

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May 21, 2017
To the Kirby Distributor.
by: Andy A.

Anyone who makes money on the Kirby corporation and calls people "pathetic" who are trying to get the word out on these fast-taking flipflop artists is beyond help. And you call yourself "positive" ?

I see nothing positive in your comments.

Dec 04, 2016
Kirby dealer
by: Anonymous

Haha, wow for all you people that think that Kirby is a scam let me tell you something. Kirby has helped many families save thousands of dollars because they understand what a well working product looks like.

Second of all, you have no idea what you are talking about when you say the Kirby is only worth 400 bucks. Apparently your too close minded to see what the Kirby can actually do and how much money you will actually save in the long run. Now, by all means, if you want to keep using your vacuum that doesn't pick up anything and that will tear your carpet to shreds, be my guest. I will, however, have a Kirby kept home and will keep helping people all around keep there homes in the best shape possible because WE ARE NOT A SCAM!!!

If you are too stuck up and pathetic to realize what Kirby can do and what it has done for many people then take your negativity and attitude somewhere else because you don't deserve a clean and happy well kept Kirby home.

Oh and another thing. For all you people who say you can afford it, I can bet so many of you drink coffee or smoke so keep telling me you cant afford and I will continue to laugh at you while you waste your money instead of...i don't know SAVING IT AND INVESTING IT WISELY!!!

So, to all you people who think Kirby is a scam, I say go cry to somebody who cares because we kirby dealers are POSITIVE.

Rant Done

Apr 16, 2015
What you really paid for the Kirby.
by: KIRBY Scam Exposer

Kirby is worth $400.

You bought it for $2,200.

If a Kirby is sold for over $1,200. The Salesman pockets the money which he/she made a profit of $1,000. So your Demo was not free cause the Sales Rep. made $1,000 from the Demo. shown in your Home.

The Distributor made $800 profit out of it.

Your Machine is not new. It's the most used Machine that needed to be gone from the Distributor cause of usage. It's used, refurbished and sent to your Home. I wonder how many homes that machine was used in? (Disgusting)

That's what you truly paid.

Jun 24, 2014
Great product. Great salesman. Too expensive.
by: Anonymous

They came, they tried, I denied. Free carpet cleaning was amazing. Awesome machine! Way too expensive. Almost fell into the trap.

Oct 06, 2012
First Credit
by: Anonymous

Well if they had to use a substandard finance company like First Credit,that means you had bad credit.... And you had 3 days to cancel, you didn't cancel and you had the machine for a month, so what did you think,they were just gonna let you keep it without paying???

Lmao... I'm a distributor.... And people kill me with this... You have 3 days on any in-home sale,that's a federal law,and my distributorship honors it.....

Feb 15, 2012
Kirby Salesmen Dont take No for an Answer
by: Anonymous

We are in the same boat. We dont even have carpets and we were told we could get a free furniture cleaning if we would just watch.

Number one they cleaned one arm of our sofa.

Number two they stayed four hours and wouldn't leave basically until we were suckered in.

They told us the upholstery brush would come in the mail and never did. I'm not saying its not a good vacuum but we dont need it and cant afford it.

Pushy pushy pushy.

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