Beware of Tracy Eliot

by william

I was approached by Tracy on singles around me.

She had been horribly hurt by her boyfriend and contemplated suicide. Then her friend who worked for an airline took her to the UK.

The friend was then transfered to Nigeria and left her in the UK. All of her bills were paid by the friend from Nigeria.

When she decided to come to USA, she needed financial help. I sent it via Western Union to her friend in Lagos Nigeria. Her friends name was Adenihun Babatunde. She assumed I could not phone international and she phoned me once. Her number had the country prefix for Nigeria.

Her number was 234 813 925 6695.

She said she had been in London for 8 months from Philadelphia pa. Yet she spoke with a middle eastern accent.

In trying to get her from London to the USA all matter of calamity befell her including a taxi to the airport that had an accident, a hospital stay, a fee for her extra luggage,a taxi bill for 2 round trips to the airport, an expired visa, another airfare, money to eat and so on.

Finally she supposedly made it to Mexico City on Aero Mexico the first leg of flight from UK to Dallas. There was a layover so they put her up in a hotel and wouldn't let her leave till she paid for the room.

I waited at international arrivals at dfw for 7 hours for her to arrive. She never did.

When you are lonley and someone shows a little compassion and affection you tend to overlook the little flags of the obvious.

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