Beware of this guy Harry Chan from IG

by Anonymous

After reading all the comments, really found the guy I know from IG is a scammer. I did a photo check and he got his photo from this website in Thailand - TopForm. All photos he sent me is from there. HAHA

He is a oil rig engineer - from Lund Sweden. Now working in Italy for 3 months and can retire after this project. Left a few days to go and yesterday while chatting, he said that his workers said something urgent that need his attention. Then I sense something wrong. Went to do a search and found this website, after reading, realized that all the emails from him are exactly the same as some of you wrote. Found wife having sex with his best friend and after that wife and son killed in accident and he is all alone etc etc..

So far he have not contacted me since yesterday till now, I'm thinking he will come and ask for help next. Shall see later.

Thanks for this site. Please don't fall for this guy.

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