Beware of Matteo Georgia- Italian single father

by Van

I have done online dating for years and never had a bad experience until now. The fakers name is Matt. He was a son that is 10 and his mother and older sister died of cancer. Mon died when son was 3 months old. Sister died 2 years before that.

His scam is that his ex wife took over 185k in their joint banking acount which they had saved for a new house. After I talked to him for 2 days, he had to go to Italy to be there for his sick father.

Then he asked me to help pay for his dad's needed open heart surgery - to save his life. The cost of the surgery is 28k and he has maxed out his credit card but can do 27.5k but needs me to help out with the remaining amount.

Can you believe that????

Crazy- met him on His email is

Beware of this guy-don't send money to the scammer!!!

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