Beware of Jeffery Harris

by Suzanne

This scammer claimed to be a widower, retired army sergeant and drilling engineer for chevron. He had photos and videos to back up his story, and sent me selfies often to narrate his day. He sent me this fake passport card to try to prove his identity to me. When I refused to send him money to help him out of an emergency on the oil rig he was renovating, the very loving relationship abruptly ended. Don't be fooled by this person.

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Aug 12, 2018
by: Suzanne from CT

Just wanted to add that the handsome man in the photo is likely an innocent person who had his identity stolen by the scammer. He is the person I fell in love with. I hope that by posting this fake passport that people are warned so this does not happen to anyone else. I reported this crime to the authorities in the hopes the scammers will finally be caught. Luckily they did not get my money.

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