Bernard Bigimier, Wesley, Mark, Edward, John

by Marlene

These are the pictures of my scammer, I found out that the same pictures were used in different fake profiles.

My story is similar to some of the stories here, we talked for hours, fell in love with me the first week, by next week I was his wife. Sweet poems every morning, long emails for about 3 months.

Got suspicious when we couldn't Skype, FaceTime or Tango, no video calls, always traveling for work.

My scammer was an Engineer in construction, and he was the boss in making malls, stadium, big apartment buildings in Cape Town (Africa). He gave a California address, that I could not find. When he stated asking for money I said no way, have no money, so I stopped responding to his calls and emails, and sent him all the info that I found in fake profiles website, and on catfished app.

I was so disappointed that was the same pictures that he sent me. I knew I was being scammed.

It left me heartbroken, and can't start any relationship yet.... I'm not interested, my heart can't feel anything.

It just can't find Love around me..... My mind is still on those pictures..... I need time to heal.

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Feb 08, 2017
by: Sharon Henson

Thank you for sharing your story and the pictures. Getting information out to as many people as possible to warn them is helpful in healing. I have found this site to be very therapeutic for me.

I posted my story and the pictures I was sent. Everyday I pray someone will recognize him so they can make him aware that he is being 'scammed' too.

And everyday I pray: just let me find him, I want to know him. It is going to take a while for me to heal and be able to love again too, because I did fall in love. Hopefully though, we will both be able to work through this soon and find the real love we have been looking for.

Good luck to you Marlene.

Feb 08, 2017
Bernard Bigimier Wesley, Mark, Edward, John
by: Someonewhocares

I know exactly how you are feeling, as I too was scammed, and heartbroken like I've never known before. A lot of the stories that I have read and or watched on Catfish and u tube, they're all are so very similar. And what I want to say here is so important,

# 1 you stopped it when your gut said too,
# 2 you hopefully didn't give out too much information (I did) and
# 3 we are all doing the right thing by posting anything and everything we can in places where others can read and learn by and also get support by others.

This really helps us to heal. I was a total wreck a few days ago, I mean wreck! I thought that my life couldn't go on, that all the dreams that we had shared , that I possibly could of ever dreamed of having was over and how could I go on?

A total mess!

But for me, what helped me on a daily basis, was to get as much information on these monsters, see how they operate, watch as much on them as I possibly could, read other's stories, talk to other victim's etc. This is what gave me insight and strength to go on and forget him! I erased all messages, deleted some of his pictures, and just kept myself occupied.

It's horrible to go through. This sort of thing is really happening more and more, so we as women have to be on a careful watch to not let this happen to us again. I know for myself, it won't, as once bit, is once shy. Thank you for showing these pictures, and your story.

It does sound like another Nigeria scammer, and I fell for the same thing, although mine hacked into all of my accounts, and when I say all, they were everything! It has put me through he'll. You should of seen how mad a not very big gal could get! All the love that I did have for him quickly turned into, let me get my hands on him!!

But even the anger helped me heal.

Us women are very strong, and what doesn't kill us, makes us! And I wish you all the best, and when we find true love ,honey it's going to be more than this, let me tell you! Stay strong, stay focused into what you want, believe in you, believe in your dreams!

Take care of you, because you are worth it!


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