Been played

by charlotte ramos
(Sacramento ca u.s.a)

Charlotte Ramos I was scammed by a person whom says they are George Straight who is a singer of country music. I am a big fan of Mr straight and as my story goes on I was offered to pay money for his fan club. I knew better as I was scammed before.

I lost thousand of dollars so I could of reported it to the right authorities but it takes a while for them to respond back to me and a 90% chance of not doing anything to the scammer. Imposters in this country pay a price for being an imposter so I'm just going on with the game they play cause it now makes my day a lot more interesting to see what he has to say as he will never get money from me. I'm just playing his texting game.

And I'm bored anyways. So this romance scam is funny to read plus my son whom passed away is his second cousin by marriage and he was notified already and we talk back and forth.

This is something to think about before you get scammed if you haven't already been. Always keep in mind if there is a celebrity wanting money it's a joke and remember a person that is being scammed they look at us as stupid so don't believe anything and always remember if it's too good to be true it is an ole Murphy's law

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