Been chatting with "Ghana'" for kix

by Tom

I don't know if i can get this out..without another meddlesome chat message. Everything that has been said is true about this Ghana scam but i took it a step in a different direction.

On my day off,I decided to see where the whole conversation would go. The usuall suspects came up..She loved me, Gold claims, Dead father, wanting my phone number..etc..

Then before i took the bait I asked him/her if "it" can turn on her webcam. After a bunch of he-hawing around they connected the webcam and i did see the same looking lady on the other end only for a few seconds.

I asked her to turn on her webcam again and blow me a kiss right away. On the third try she did!!(very hesitantly). She then asked for money for a new web-cam. I also spent an unusual amount of time chatting with this person. One would think if it's a scam you can't waste a day working on some guy who isn't going along with the program!
I researched Ghana and it is not a cool place to live.

Their website doesn't have one white girl on it. It is probably 80-90 percent poor black people. (AIDS is rampant) And he/she is probably chatting with 5 or 6 other guys at the same time hence the reason for long delays sometimes and constanly asking WHAT I AM CURRENTLY DOING.

In conclusion..Stay away from anything Ghana..Unless your an expert.

Do not try this at home!

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Jan 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

After living and working in Africa in social work I agree with you - Except the constant question. What are you doing? Seems to be an opening speech of concern!

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