beautiful blond + king in Congo + gold on in Ghana = SCAM

by Patrick
(LA, United States)

Contacted via Messenger by an (American) named Bernice Lawson, a buxom and shapely blond from Chicago. Supposedly she saw my contact info online (never completely detailed enough to be sure about where) and sent a message to me w/ small talk, a basic lead-in to leave a romantic feel to the messaging.

After a delay of several days to a week, a new message arrives saying she is w/ an Accra, W. Africa (not too precise), working with orphans. Sounds like a good cause, but sure enough after a couple of texts, she's leading into "I have something important to ask you. " Then she says that she wants me to help her to transfer an orphan kid's "inheritance of gold.

But the gold is in security company" so I'll be "her beneficiary to receive the gold... in the state" I'm not sure if this is a good idea, so she's a bit indignant: ". The gold is 75 kg gold in a truck box" and she will "sell it and change your wife with your percentage" (Freudian slip on the 'wife' changing?) of the value in the US; this orphaned "kid is from Congo, son of a "king in Congo" and "his father invest in gold" in Ghana.

Now, he "lost his father and the family members wanted to kill him and take over the gold". She tried to close saying that "He has documents for the gold and that's with me now". Then finally, "The kid name James". Inventive, with enough pauses for a Messenger text, I'm rebuffing the pitch, but she keeps going for a while, throwing in an uncle she wanted to have help her, "but he is also in business trip to Sweden". Very inventive, but a bit too creative, without enough substance to her responses and some odd grammar choices for a Chicagoan.

After I left her ending the conversation with an orphan by the name of James, she just stopped texting at that point. Counter-scammed? She never got to ask me for my banking info, but there's always tomorrow.

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Jul 07, 2018
Picture of buxom blonde
by: Anonymous

Could you pass on a picture of the buxom blonde person you described? I will follow with my own if there is a match.

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