Bank Accounts Used For Money Laundering in African Scams

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of an Innocent Woman Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of an Innocent Woman Used by African Scammers


In African online romance scams a victim never pays in the name used as the front for the scam. The name is of an "agent", "supplier" or some other excuse. These four accounts have been used against women in scams reported elsewhere on this site.

They're obtaining money by deception and laundering it. Some are front companies. Each has a link to the scam (search allowing) and one of the images of the innocent man they used is also attached;

The first account is used by someone claiming to be Marianna Martinez and the scam is at the link below;

Bank account used;

Bank Name: Nab bank ( National Australia Bank )
Account name: Michelle McConchie
Bsb : 083004
Acc : 945105688

The next account is in the name of someone claiming to be Lorraine Hayes or Hays. It is a Western Union account and the scam is at the link below;

The Western Union details are as follows;

Melissa St Kay Denis
115 W Edgevale Rd
City : Baltimore
State: Maryland
Zip code: 21225.

The next account is a money laundering front company for organised criminals in Ghana. The alias they used in this case was simply "Martha" on email as "Summer Lady". They want you to pay almost $15,000 in BTC and USD.

Account used

Account Name.
Eastern Trust Generation

Account number.

Account address. 13953 Accra north

Swift code.

Bank Name.
GT Bank

Bank address.
25A, Ambassadorial Area,
Ridge.P.MB CT 416

There is also a bitwal on another page here.

The final account is used in a scam under the name of "Mavis" and can't or won't say her last name. She has no home to live in and needs thousands for clothes. Go figure that one out;

Account used

Bank Name: TD Bank
Name : Rodney Boamah
211 Beacon Street Apt 3
TD Bank Routing Number:211370545
TD Bank Account 8256555514

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