by Tina
(Alabama )

I met this man who claimed to be Michael Joseph Harrington. We talked for almost a month when he had to get on a boat for a job in the Gulf of Mexico. He was showing me a video but he said the motor was too loud so he couldn’t talk so I just watched. Then he said he would text me later.

I didn’t hear from him until the next evening which was odd because we spoke every day. He texted me the next night claiming he had dropped his phone in the ocean and all his contacts and important business was on that phone. He asked me to buy him a new phone but it had to be an Iphone. Luckily I don’t have money like that so it was impossible to do that for me. I actually started looking for a used Iphone for him when he told me he would have to have the cash to purchase a new one.

It really didn’t make sense but he was so convincing. He then asked me if I could just get him an Itunes card for $100.00 and he may be able to retrieve some data from his phone, but again I knew it didn’t make sense but I did it. I was talking to another person online when he asked for this guys puc, and I thought that weird but I sent it to him anyway and he told me to go to Instagram and look for a guy by the name of Joe The Juicer and there this guy was.

Every video and pic was this guy. I had a phone number for him so I called and left a very mean message. That number has since been disconnected and his FB page is gone too. I felt like a fool.

You can look up Joe the Juicer and see the person the scammer claimed to be

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