Badoo Scam

(New Zealand)

It doesn't matter how intelligent and careful you are they still get through. After months of refusing to send money to who I now know to be a scammer, he became more genuine. Then as he reeled me back in, I got suspicious and began traces, searches and not one of his back stories was true - but they were so plausible, honestly I feel so ashamed to say I was duped.

So I kept questioning and things got heated and for weeks we argued but he still stuck around...go figure!!!.

Then eventually he came clean because he loved me......don't fall for this, its the latest ploy to re scam. After two emails following his confession, he was back asking for money!!!!

I have eventually got rid of him but I have to admit it broke my heart....that's how it goes, your heart rules your head.

Trust me, several times I was walking off to send small amounts to him, my head was saying don't do this, you know hes a scammer but my heart was pulling so distressing.

If they can fool me, then I worry so much for the more vulnerable out there, men and women alike.

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May 08, 2018
Same here
by: Anonymous

I wish I knew about this page 7 years ago. I never talk about this because I feel so stupid. I was in the middle of a nasty divorce and the first guy that contacted me was a charmer. I guess something I needed at the time. Asked me to get off match so we could communicate via yahoo.

He would write everyday and night send poems. He said he was from Michigan and a fashion designer. He was in Greece to shop for fabrics. He wife cheated on him and he had a daughter. He asked for money several times through money gram, but to send it to his friends name.

I should have known right then and there but no I was an ass and played. He even sent me his itinerary for his flight to Philadelphia and I went there and you guessed it was a no show.

Anyway his name was David Scott Williams? I don’t know if I still have a pic but will share if I do.

Jan 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

His name was Jasen Williams, 48, from NY but I think he is now saying Washington. Widowed and an Engineer.

Jasenwilliams58@gmail and

Dec 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

I'm very sorry to read your story. These people are criminals and masters of manipulation. Don't feel ashamed, you were following your heart! Compassion is one of the least rated values nowadays!

They will have to face a perfect justice one day. You should share the name this scammer is using to prevent other people. You can also present it to the Interpol. Some one must stop them. I was scammed to, long time ago. Fortunately it wasn't a significant quantity but still is robbery, as if you were adapted at gun point.

I hope your heart recover soon and don't fall again in their lies!

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