Avoid reprtorting catfishing sites

by Lisa Stevens

I cannot stress enough from my experience to go to the police instead of reporting your scam to an unprofessional catfishing site that has women on them using it for their own entertainment purposes only and defending the men in the photos only who have their identity stolen as if its all about them and as if its a laugh for them.

Report it to the police with your evidence and inform them of the link being used as this could save others who don't speak up about it from having their hard earned cash stolen.

Dont make the mistake of believing scammers who are committing a serious crime when they tell you that they do not fear police or the Government. The authorities are more equipped and qualified to deal with serious crimes like this than unprofessional catfishing sites.

I found the catfishing sites very triggering and for me personally it prolonged my recovery from moving on and I do not view any such site anymore.

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