Attempted Rommance scamm

by Lisa Stevens

Although we understand the people on the photos are not who the target is talking to, they might need to be a bit more mindful at how they treat future targets using their photos. I'm not a single, vulnerable adult. But it affected me as I don't do social media apart from Tik Tok and I never Ever knew at aged 41 that things like this happen.

But if I was a vulnerable young 17 year old girl in the Care system then what their real life wives or friends/supporters post could be fatal to their lives. A romance scam is one of the most callous sack of shit crimes I can think of. Imagine having your emotions played, money taken then when they are at your lowest the real life people in the photo's and their army are writing incorrect information. That's kicking people when they're down. It's not really how you treat someone going through trauma. That escalates behaviours. And scam baiting pieces of shit are not helping anyone by doing that. They only add to the confusion and trauma to an already confused and traumatised target.

I never call myself a victim. A victim goes around blaming everybody else for what's happening in their own lives. Instead of looking at what they did to contribute to it.

Yeah just wanted to say don't kick targets of a Callous crime when they're down unless you can live with the fact that it could be fatal to their lives.

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